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Choosing the right childcare is not an easy decision. Because as parents, we don’t ever want to compromise on quality, flexibility and trust when finding care for the most important people in the world. Hosting a Cultural Care au pair gives thousands of families across the country those very important benefits. We invite you to learn more about who our au pairs are, what they do, and why more families than ever are joining our program.


COVID-19 Travel and visa update: The au pair program has been impacted by a number of travel restrictions as well as visa delays due to the June 22, 2020 Executive order which temporarily suspends the issuance of certain categories of non-immigrant visas, including au pair visas through December 31, 2020.  We encourage new potential host families to register at least 4 months in advance of when they would like to welcome their au pair, and understand that currently, the earliest a new family could welcome an au pair would be January 2021.

National Interest Exception (NIE) program: On July 20th, the Department of State published information about the NIE program which outlines three categories of au pairs who could apply for visas during this temporary suspension:

      1. Travel to provide care for a minor U.S. citizen, Legal Permanent Resident (LPR), or nonimmigrant in lawful status by an au pair possessing special skills required for a child with particular needs (e.g., medical, special education, or sign language). Childcare services provided for a child with medical issues diagnosed by a qualified medical professional by an individual who possesses skills to care for such child will be considered to be in the national interest.
      2. Travel by an au pair that prevents a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, or other nonimmigrant in lawful status from becoming a public health charge or ward of the state of a medical or other public funded institution.
      3. Childcare services provided for a child whose parents are involved with the provision of medical care to individuals who have contracted COVID-19 or medical research at United States facilities to help the United States combat COVID-19

If you believe your family could fall into one of these categories, we may be able to help you welcome an au pair before the end of 2020. Please call us at 1-800-333-6056.

We are continuing to advocate for modifications to this order and will post any updates here. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

"Cultural Care Au Pair has been a fantastic experience and a blessing to our lives. Knowing that we have a trustworthy person in our home giving attention to our children provides us with a sense of peace. We look forward to continuing on the program for as long as we are eligible."

— Jessica Eccles, host mom in Colorado

"Jessica and I are both working professionals. We were looking for a loving, patient au pair who would care deeply for our son. Our au pair Paloma has exceeded all expectations and is the kindest, most caring person. She is truly a part of our family. We have shared with multiple families to join Cultural Care because of our wonderful experience with Paloma."

— John Jung, host dad in Washington

What is an au pair?

Au pairs are caregivers from overseas who are excited to be part of an American family. Au pairs become like older siblings to their host kids and trusted members of the household that host parents can depend on.

Au pair vs. nanny vs. daycare

Hosting an au pair offers unique advantages to more traditional childcare options including greater flexibility, one-on-one attention and coverage during illness, school vacations and snow days.

The process

We offer families advanced matching tools and personalized support to find the right au pair for you. We also give families the ability to speak with multiple au pair candidates.

Meet our au pairs

Our au pairs come from diverse backgrounds and are all passionate about caring for children. Take a look at some of our au pairs who are ready to join a family like yours!

Emanuele, 19, Italy
"I'm very sociable and curious but sensitive and tender. I played a lot of sports: football, judo, volleyball and water polo. I want to be an au pair because I love children, their curiosity and carefreeness and I will be able to stay with them for a long time."
Julia, 21, Brazil
"I love children and I think my biggest goal in this program is to be an example for them. I feel like I’m more prepared than ever and I believe this experience to be life changing on both sides."
Kelly, 19, South Africa
"I have been looking after kids for almost my whole life. I'm very patient and understanding and I as soon as I start caring for a child, I really look after that child as my own. I hope that you choose me to you to be your au pair but most importantly part of the family."
Heidi, 18, Germany
"Through my diversity in childcare, I have gained insights into the lives of many children and now I can use these experiences for my au pair year. I want to be a role model for your children, bring them closer to German culture and spend an unforgettable and beautiful year with them."
Zanele, 18, South Africa
"The main reason why I want to be an au pair is because of my love for children and watching them grow into wonderful human beings. My coach was an au pair and I have seen the impact that she has had on the child that she was taking care of and that inspires me to do the same."
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