Our au pairs

As the largest and most experienced au pair agency in the USA, we offer our host families the greatest variety in terms of au pairs that can suit their specific needs. Our au pairs are caring and committed, adventurous and educated young people, ages 18-26, from many different countries worldwide. They are eager to gain international work experience and immerse themselves in American culture while sharing their own unique backgrounds, traditions and languages. All Cultural Care au pairs have childcare experience and undergo a multi-step screening and training process before joining families as live-in childcare providers. 

What are the au pair requirements? 

To join a Cultural Care host family in the USA, an au pair must:

In addition, they must be willing to embrace the spirit of the au pair program—meaning they’re ready and excited to participate in a mutually beneficial relationship with an American family, one filled with trust, respect and cultural exchange. 

Au pair screening & training

All Cultural Care au pairs are thoroughly screened in their home countries and must undergo criminal background checks. They also must provide both a professional and personal reference to be eligible for the program. Before arriving to your home in the U.S., they complete an intensive online training pre-departure course and spend 4 days at our Au Pair Training School in New York reviewing child safety and development and earning a 2-year adult and pediatric CPR/AED and first aid certification from the American Heart Association. 

Where do our au pairs come from? 

Our au pairs come from more than 20 countries worldwide. Cultural Care has invested in a network of established offices and staff in our recruitment countries so we can implement the highest screening standards in the industry. Our recruitment leaders, many of them former au pairs themselves, work with au pair applicants to set realistic expectations and ensure they have the right motivation for joining an American family. Every applicant is interviewed in person. 

Meet our au pairs

Our au pairs come from diverse backgrounds and are all passionate about caring for children. Take a look at some of our au pairs who are ready to join a family like yours!  

Julia, 21, Brazil
“I love children and I think my biggest goal in this program is to be an example for them. I feel like I’m more prepared than ever and I believe this experience to be life changing on both sides.”
Kelly, 19, South Africa
“I have been looking after kids for almost my whole life. I’m very patient and understanding and I as soon as I start caring for a child, I really look after that child as my own. I hope that you choose me to you to be your au pair but most importantly part of the family.”
Emanuele, 19, Italy
“I’m very sociable and curious but sensitive and tender. I played a lot of sports: football, judo, volleyball and water polo. I want to be an au pair because I love children, their curiosity and carefreeness and I will be able to stay with them for a long time.”
Heidi, 18, Germany
“Through my diversity in childcare, I have gained insights into the lives of many children and now I can use these experiences for my au pair year. I want to be a role model for your children, bring them closer to German culture and spend an unforgettable and beautiful year with them.”
Zanele, 18, South Africa
“The main reason why I want to be an au pair is because of my love for children and watching them grow into wonderful human beings. My coach was an au pair and I have seen the impact that she has had on the child that she was taking care of and that inspires me to do the same.”