Cultural Care Au Pair makes it easy to find a great au pair for your family. After you register online, you will have complete access to our available candidates—all of whom have already been screened and interviewed. Once you start searching for potential au pairs, your primary support person will be your Matching Specialist. She will get to know your specific needs and guide you through the entire process. She can search for candidates on your behalf, provide insight into cultural strengths, support you through the interview process and give feedback on au pairs you like.

1. Register online

  • Register online by telling us a little bit about your family and childcare needs

  • Expect a call from a Cultural Care representative to welcome you and answer questions

2. Search for au pairs

  • Enjoy full access to profiles for all available au pairs once you register

  • Talk to your Matching Specialist about your family’s personality, schedule and household

  • With your Matching Specialist’s support, identify candidates who have the background, skills and disposition you are looking for

  • Continue to build your online profile (so au pairs can get to know your family better)

3. Interview Au Pairs

  • Contact those you are interested in speaking with to set up a Skype or phone interview

  • Schedule follow-up calls with preferred candidates if needed and keep your matching specialist up-to-date on how the calls are going

  • Rely on your matching specialist for help with Skype, interview questions and finding additional candidates to interview if necessary

4. Choose Your Final Au Pair

  • Schedule an in-home interview with your LCC

  • Complete your host family profile and agree to criminal background checks for adults living in your home

  • Confirm your final selection with your Matching Specialist and select your desired arrival date. (We’ll get going on visa and flight arrangements from there!)

5. Welcome Your Au Pair

  • When your au pair first arrives to the U.S., she will spend 4 days at our Au Pair Training School in New York reviewing child safety and development and earning American Heart Association certification in adult and pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid. Your au pair will then travel to your preferred gateway.

Personalized matching system

During your search for an au pair, you can always depend on the support of your Matching Specialist who can be very involved by finding au pair candidates for you based on your criteria, or simply act as a resource for help or advice. Even if you prefer to find au pairs on your own, we recommend taking advantage of your Matching Specialist’s expertise, especially as a first-time host family. They can help you understand why certain candidates might be a better fit than others, educate you about cultural differences, the personality profile we use or provide a second opinion.

Your personal support system

In addition to your Matching Specialist, you have three other members on your support team during the year, and they all play a different part in helping you enjoy a successful year on the program. Your support team of four includes: your Local Childcare Consultant, Matching Specialist, Account Services team and Customer Relations Manager.

Local Childcare Consultant

Lives in your area and provides local, year-round support.

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Matching Specialist

Helps you navigate the matching process and select your au pair.

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Account Services Team

Answers all program-related questions, big or small.

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Customer Relations Manager

Oversees your entire program experience and steps in when needed.

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Local Childcare Consultant

Matching Specialist

Account Services Team

Customer Relations Manager