Au pair screening

All applicants must undergo a multi-step screening process before being accepted as an au pair with Cultural Care, and every step of this process is managed by full-time staff in our own offices. As a host family, you can review available candidates knowing they have all been personally interviewed and evaluated for English proficiency, and have submitted references (checked by our staff), a criminal background check, health record and personality profile. Only 10% of applicants who express interest in becoming au pairs are selected.

The au pair screening process

In order to be accepted onto our program, all of our au pair candidates must complete the following steps:

1. Complete an au pair profile

Each applicant is required to complete an extensive online profile including details about their childcare experience, family life, education, special skill and interests. They must also include references—each of which is verified by a Cultural Care representative—photos and a personal letter to their future host family.

2. Attend an informational meeting

To be considered as an au pair, applicants must attend an info meeting in their home country. At this meeting, Cultural Care representatives review program requirements and expectations in detail and answer questions applicants have. An au pair who has recently returned from their year with an American host family is often invited to speak about their experiences.

3. Pass an interview and English evaluation

After the info meeting, our staff schedules time for personal interviews with au pair candidates. During each interview, Cultural Care representatives perform an English evaluation and get to know au pairs on a personal level. Notes on the interview are included in an au pair’s profile.

4. Submit a personality profile and background check

All au pair candidates must submit a personality profile (the results of which are included in their online profile) and a criminal background check. For each applicant, our staff also collects and verifies a valid driver’s license and certificate of health.

5. Pass a thorough review by Cultural Care staff

Once the above steps have been completed, our staff members conduct a thorough review of each candidate’s profile to determine suitability for acceptance onto the program.

Au pair training & preparation

Read more about how we train and prepare our au pairs before they arrive to host families.