May 17, 2016

Au pairs love living in Arizona!

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If you are an au pair in Arizona, consider yourself lucky! This Southwestern state boasts beautiful weather (hot summers and mild winters) and some of the most beautiful natural wonders and sunsets that America has to offer. Find out more about why Cultural Care au pairs love living in Arizona below!


German au pair Paula loves being surrounded by palm trees on her daily walk with her host kids.

I truly love Arizona, because it’s so different from Germany! To live in the middle of a desert is a completely new experience for me and I enjoy it every day. On my daily walks with my host kids I’m surrounded by palm trees, the sun is shining almost every day and when I’m driving through our neighborhood, it feels like I’m on vacation. Arizona’s nature is breathtaking, I have never seen so many cacti in my whole life (they are just everywhere) and everything looks like it does in old Western movies!
—Paula Kneip, au pair from Germany
I love Arizona because of the people there—I made a lot of good friends. Arizona is a beautiful state and you can do a lot of things there. To live in AZ was one of the best experiences of my life.
—Omar Castro, au pair from Mexico


Aussie au pair Shayne with a friend at Antelope Canyons.

I love Arizona because there are so many natural wonders here, like the Grand Canyon and the Antelope Canyons. Everything is so beautiful and even though most of the state is hot and dry and mostly desert, you are still able to see snow. It’s amazing, and every sunset blows my mind
—Shayne McNabb, au pair from Australia
I love the view; looking at the desert, the cactus, the rocks—it is like looking at infinity. The weather is hot but I love it. You can always go out and get a yummy ice cream. Arizona has beautiful little towns, ghost towns, Sedona, Maricopa and the Grand Canyon.
—Margarita Lopez, au pair from Mexico


German au pair Lisa loves that Arizona has lots of universities, which means lots of students—it’s never boring in Arizona!

I could talk about Arizona and it’s beauty all day long. I lived in Flagstaff, a little mountain town where you can do everything you like. The best thing is probably the weather: 320+ sunny days! Even though it’s in the middle of the desert, you get snow in winter. You can even ski at Snow Bowl (Flagstaff biggest mountain). I had a season pass, and skied every morning when my host child was in school. Also the people are great. In Flagstaff you get a lot of “cowboys” and down to earth people. And of course: students. Flagstaff, and the rest of Arizona, has a lot of big universities. So it never gets boring around there.
—Lisa Mareike Schneekönig, au pair from Germany


Beatrice from Italy at the Arizona State Fair.

Everything in Arizona is fantastic! I live in Paradise Valley. It’s about 30 minutes from Phoenix and the area where I live right now is very safe. I usually have the weekend off, so I can spend lots of time away and take the advantage to have a road trip with my friends: this Sunday we’re going to Grand Canyon! The weather is perfect: it’s November and I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt and last week I went swimming in my host family’s pool! I’m happy to be in Arizona because I feel like at home, the people around here are nice and friendly.
—Beatrice Bosco, au pair from Italy
I love my state because of the nature and the heat . We dont have really winter here like in Germany. Here in Scottsdale where I live it’s always warm. I really love it
—Ceylan Bilge, au pair from Germany
Most beautiful sites to see in Arizona:
The Grand Canyon; Red Rocks around Sedona; The Lower Antelope Canyon; Havasu Falls; Hoover Dam; Lake Powell; Scottsdale Old Town; horseback ride through the desert
Best places in Arizona for coffee or a meal:
Lux Central; California Pizza Kitchen; Cheesecake Factory; Downtown Flagstaff (Wildflower bread company); Sand Bar
Great events in Arizona you won’t want to miss:
Arizona State Fair; Zomboy Halloween Party at LiveWire; Dew Downtown Flagstaff (ski and snowboard event downtown Flagstaff); Phillip Phillip concert; 12-hour hike through the Grand Canyon; Arizona Renaissance Festival; ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo
Great classes to consider in Arizona:
English Conversation Class at Phoenix College; weekend class in Las Vegas
Perfect way to spend a day in Arizona:

“It probably starts waking up in a tent somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Making some fresh coffee at a fire place and go hiking or swimming in the creek in Sedona. Hanging out with fun people and just having a good time. At night I loved going to bonfires with my friends. Also going to concerts in downtown Flagstaff is always fun.”
——Lisa Mareike Schneekönig, au pair from Germany
“A road trip to Sedona, Tucson or Grand Canyon! I’ll go there this Sunday with my friends! It’s about three hours driving from where I live and everyone told me that the landscape will be breathless! You can also spend your day off at Phoenix downtown where you can have the possibility to eat in beautiful restaurants and relax yourself at the park!”
—Beatrice Bosco, au pair from Italy
Cultural Care au pairs are in love with Arizona! What do you love about AZ, or the state you are living in? Click here to share your state love with us.