March 15, 2017

Au pairs love living in Florida

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The state of Florida is a dream come true for au pairs who love warm weather, beaches and palm trees! Home to exciting cities like Miami, the magical world of Disney and beautiful state parks, a huge diversity of wildlife and nature, this southern state promises to be an ideal home for au pairs!

Anyela, au pair from Colombia, loves to visit Disney World with her friends!

“I always wake up with this good feeling when my room is full of bright sun. In my opinion Florida is just a paradise!”
—Tiffany Ernst, au pair from Germany
Through the streets of Florida there is a great cultural diversity from all over the world, which makes you grow as a person and learn about different customs and traditions of other countries. In addition, here it is the most magical place in the world, Disney World in Orlando, where you can meet the Disney characters and again feel like a child. Florida is undoubtedly a magical and incredible state.
—Patricia Donoso, au pair from Spain
“Destin is a wonderful city in Florida. I love it here! Miles of beaches. Crab island. The ocean is bluest of the blue. It’s just like in paradise. I love the people here—so friendly and happy. I love that it just takes me a couple minutes to get to the beach. I live where others come for vacation. Shopping is also pretty awesome because we have a couple outlets around in this area! It’s just such a peaceful place. Or better – it’s HOME!”
—Jenny Umlauf, au pair from Germany

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“Here in Tampa, Florida, we can find a variety of restaurants (Colombian, Mexican, Chinese, Japansse, Indian, French) that are not very expensive and where you can really have a great time. The best activity to do here Is to go to the beach—I just love it. You can have a great time without spending any money. There are also many water sports are fun if you like being in the water. I love Busch Gardens which is an amusement park where there are some fun and great rollercoasters and Disney World. If you match with a family in Florida, you will be so lucky—good food, great weather, amazing people and lots of fun!”
—Anyela Restrepo, au pair from Colombia
“When you hear about Florida you think about sun and hot weather and you’re absolutely right. I live in Miami and we have sun almost every day. The people living here are really nice, everyone is talking to you even if you just go to the grocery store. There is this place called Bayside—it’s a mall but there is this one spot where you can listen to live music, and a lot of young and also older people are dancing and you see the port in the background. I love this place. When you’re here you have to go to Wynwood Walls. It’s a Art district and there are some wonderful walls where you can take some great pictures. I’m really glad that I found a great host-family here.”
—Tamara Rieble, au pair from Germany

Nathalia, au pair from Brazil, loves Florida because the weather is always hot, and it makes everybody happy.

“I really love Florida, because everyone is easygoing and open for everything in the Sunshine State. I live in Sarasota and it, because you can do so much things, like canoeing with alligators, swimming with manatees, snorkeling in a cave, skydiving, zip lining etc. It just takes me 18 minutes to the most popular beach, the Siesta Key Beach, which is awesome. “
—Dominik Schenberger, au pair from Germany
“This state has everything. In my first month I went to Indian Rocks Beach, the zoo, Aquarium Clearwater, lots of different parks, the cinema, Clearwater Beach and the mall. I’m really feeling at home.”
—Nandy Landa, au pair from Mexico

Patricia, au pair from Spain, calls Florida “undoubtedly a magical and incredible state.”

Most beautiful sites to see in Florida:
Disney World, in Orlando, where the dreams come true; the view on top of the canopy walkway at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota; sunsets and sunrises at the beach
Best place to get coffee or a meal:
The Bayside; Smashburger; Cheesecake factory; Starbucks; Blue Sushi; Chipotle; Cafe Mediterranean; Metro Diner

Au pairs love the beaches in Florida!

The people in Florida are really:
Crazy but full of love; friendly
Great events in Florida you won’t want to miss:
Bonfire at the beach; Laura Pausini Concert; Miami Heat games; Disney On Ice; boating around Crab Island; Gasparilla; Ultra Music Festival
Great classes to consider in Florida:
Early Childhood Development at Northwest Florida Sate College; ESL at Miami Dade College; weekend class in Tampa; English Comprehension at University St. Petersburg; Photography at University of North Florida and Florida State College

For Hanna, au pair from Germany, the perfect day off in Florida would include: “the beach, good food and my friends.”

Perfect way to spend a day in Florida:
My percent day would be to wake up early and go for a run at the beach and see the sunrise. Of course breakfast with friends at iHop is a must! Then, shopping and exploring with good friends!
—Tiffany Ernst, au pair from Germany
“It would be perfect swimming at the beach after a bike ride through the streets of Miami. As we have a lot of different cultures in Florida, there are so many restaurants when you can eat different plates from all the world, and of course, at night, the party at discos rules in Miami.”
—Patricia Donoso, au pair from Spain
“Going to the beach, after that go to Wynwood Walls and walk through downtown. In the evening you could go to Bayside, eat dinner and enjoy the atmosphere of the live music and a lot of young and old people, dancing, sitting and watching or walking around.”
—Tamara Rieble, au pair from Germany
“The perfect day off is to go to the beach with my friends, to play volleyball, to see the sunset.”
—Daniela Santiago
“A nice breakfast in the early morning, to get ready for a day full of adventures, like driving to a cave where we can go snorkeling. A very typical thing you have to do in the sunshine state is swimming with the manatees, the popular animals in Florida and of course with alligators, so exciting!”
—Dominik Schenberger, au pair from Germany
Cultural Care au pairs are in love with Florida! What do you love about FL, or the state you are currently living in? Click here to share your state love with us