April 5, 2016

Au pairs love living in New Jersey!

Hear straight from our New Jersey au pairs!

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Au pair stories

New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in America, making it a great place for au pairs to settle during their time in the USA! There are farmlands, beaches, forests and mountains; and it’s close to two major U.S. cities that au pairs love, Philadelphia and New York City. It’s also famous for their great bagels, pizza, Italian food, and so much more. Au pairs love relaxing on the New Jersey beaches when it’s warm in the summer, and watching the beautiful snowfall in the winter. See what our au pairs have to say about the scenic state of New Jersey!


New Jersey has everything an au pair could want for an amazing year in the USA!

Most beautiful sites to see in New Jersey:

Little Beach Island—beach heaven; Sandy Hook Lighthouse; snowstorms; Point Pleasant beach; Princeton University; Atlantic City; the skyline of New York City from the Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken; Ramapo Mountain State Forest; Twin Lights Lighthouse at Atlantic Highlands

“I love New Jersey because I think it’s the best mix between suburban and city life.I live in Glen Ridge which is the perfect city to live in because it’s very peaceful with bunnies, squirrels and sometimes deer that cross the backyard, but it’s also a short distance from major cities like Hoboken.  Around my area, the cities are very artsy and full of history, everything has an old fashioned look but it’s also very progressive.

—Deborah Berini, au pair from Italy

Great events in New Jersey you won’t want to miss:

Lean University Open Day; Cherry Blossom Festival in Newark; Six flags; snow tubing; Point Pleasant Boardwalk and Arcade; Fetty Wap concert; hiking; Black violin concert in the count Basie Theater in Red Bank; Maroon 5 concert in Atlantic City

“I love Jersey’s countryside and all of its parks, especially the Marine Park in Red Bank. Red Bank itself is actually worth a visit, it’s such a cute little town with all its musicians and alternative flair, tiny restaurants and cafes. You can reach everything within walking distance and people are just so sweet and friendly! Anything can happen in Jersey!”

—Tamara Ehrhardt, au pair from Germany

Great classes to consider in New Jersey:

History of Philadelphia weekend class in New York City; Spanish, French, Italian, Business Law and Literature at Seton Hall University; ESL class at Montclair State University; weekend class at the College of St. Rose in NYC and some ESL classes at UCEDA school; ESL class at Bergen Community College

“I love New Jersey because there is always so much to explore and see and do and there’s never a dull moment. It’s close enough to NYC for day trips and it has its own busy cities as well. I love to visit Princeton on the weekends and travel to ‘haunted’ places that NJ is renowned for. It’s a great place to live.”

—Shayne McNabb, au pair from Australia

Perfect way to spend a day in New Jersey:

“A walk at Sandy Hook viewing New York’s beautiful skyline, a coffee at Rook Cafe, Cafe Corral or Starbucks and a nice dinner in one of Red Banks sweet restaurants like the good karma cafe or turning point, etc.”
—Tamara Ehrhardt, au pair from Germany

“Catching up with my American friends and hanging out at the beach! Or horse riding through hidden trails.”
—Emma Dove, au pair from Australia

“A nice big walk around the area, go to the parks and have dinner in one of my favorite restaurants.”
—Janine Stangl, au pair from Austria

“On my day off, I would love to go to Hoboken because it is a hip town in New Jersey right across the river from NYC.”
—Surarak Yongritthikul, au pair from Thailand

“Good friends and good food and spontaneous road trips. I love traveling to new places and learning about its history.”
—Shayne McNabb, au pair from Australia