June 2, 2016

Au pairs love living in Virginia!

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Virginia is one of America’s oldest and most historic states, and the home state of 8 U.S. Presidents! Virginia is a beautiful green state with warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a close proximity to the United States capital, Washington, D.C. Virginia is officially called the “Commonwealth of Virginia”, and it was one of the first 13 colonies of the United States before the American Revolution. There is so much to see, do, and learn in Virginia, it’s no wonder why au pairs love living here!
“Every season it looks beautiful. In spring we have the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. which is stunningly beautiful. The summer is amazing, it is super hot and there are lots of pools to hang out in. The fall is so pretty with all the leaves falling from the trees and the sun shining. Even in November you can wear shorts because it is still warm. If you like snow the winter is pretty amazing too. Some winters it can get really cold, but the snow is so pretty! Virginia is awesome because it is a great mix between neighborhoods, nature and hiking trails, nice parks and big cities like DC. There are lots of different little coffee shops to find or other stores to buy unique stuff. If you drive for a few hours you get to the beach too!”
–Julia Baur, au pair from Germany

Ana Luisa Soares Bocafoli

Brazilian au pair Ana Luisa Soares Bocafoli: “In Virginia during the fall, the trees turn into yellow and red. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seem in my life.”

“People don’t tell you how green Virginia actually is. It is absolutely beautiful here. I thought spring was pretty, but as the year went on it just got prettier with every season! It is also very close to the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. There are tons of free concerts, museum, cool events, a lot of races like Ugly Sweater Run. Living in VA, you are welcomed to a great group of au pairs, we meet several times a week!”
–Moa Sohlén, au pair from Sweden
“Virginia has two different faces. I live in the suburbs of Washington DC with over six million inhabitants in the area. Everything is industrial and like in a big city here. Everybody is friendly but busy—the people here work a lot for their American Dream. But then you drive just half an hour into upstate Virginia and everything is different. There are no big interstates anymore. No big city life. You enter another world with woods, meadows and peaceful atmosphere. Virginia can be very rural and countrylike (sometimes you haven’t even telephone service) but also busy and very urban. This contrast is one of the biggest reasons, why I love Virginia.”
–Bettina Bernegger, au pair from Austria


Stefanía Molinero, au pair from Argentina, says: “I love Virginia because people here are so kind. People always say hello and are in a a really happy mood. Everyone here makes me feel at home.

“I live on the border of Virginia and I’m really close to Washington D.C., and it is amazing because you can do a lot of things, starting with sports events (which I love!), free museums, the free National Zoo (it’s just amazing)! Moreover, you can easily get to almost every part of the States because you are in the capital! I love to be here, it’s awesome to relax walking in a forest, but it is also fantastic to go out and have fun!”
—Anna Gottardi from Italy
“I love the people here, everyone is so nice and welcoming. I love that it is close to D.C. and that the metro is easy to learn. It is easy to drive here and people show respect while driving. The nature is beautiful and there is a lot of places to go to with the kids.”
–Lisa Blomqvist, au pair from Sweden


Louisa Mittet, au pair from Denmark, loves to go to University of Virginia games with her friends.

“Virginia is soooo beautiful! Especially when the fall comes. I live in Charlottesville which is a very cool place to live. You can always find something to do: drink coffee at one of the great coffee shops, go to the movies, go out in the evening—there are so many amazing places to eat here! Go hiking, go to the park, go shopping. Experience a football, basketball or other matches at the UVA. Meet up with some of the students or au pairs. Virginia is great! You always have something to look forward to!”
–Louisa Mittet, au pair from Denmark


Haiyun Wang enjoys a meal out with other au pairs in Virginia.

Most beautiful sites to see in/near Virginia:
Washington Monument; Sunset over the Potomac River on the beach; Old Town, Alexandria; Great Falls National Park; Skyline Drive; Williamsburg; Sunset in Shenandoah National Park; Bull Run Park; Manassas; Cherry Blossom Festival; Crater Lake; Luray Caverns; the Blue Ridge Mountains; Indian Creek Trail; St. James River; The Pentagon; Jamestown
Best places in Virginia for coffee or a meal:
Pionto; Northside Social; Silver Diner; Sweet Frog; Noodles and Company; Sugar Shack Donuts; Tempo; Katie’s in Great Falls; The Coffee Pub in Del Rey, Alexandria; International House of Pancakes; The Old Brogue; Osaka Japanese Steak House & Sushi; The Bar Louie in Gainesville; Le Pain Quotidien in Old Town Alexandria
Great events in Virginia you won’t want to miss:
Farmville Strawberry Festival; Halloween at James Madison University; Horse Race in Preakness; Washington Nationals baseball game; Art on the Avenue in Alexandria; Busch Gardens; Hiking in Great Falls; Latin events in Richmond; Corn Mazes; The Color Run D.C.
Great classes to consider in Virginia:
Cooking class at L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, VA; American Experience and Photography at Sojourner Douglas College; Introduction to Film Studies at University of Mary Washington; New York City class at BMCC in Arlington, VA; museum classes at Virginia International University


Virginia-based au pair Katharina Max would hike at the Great Falls Park or meet friends at the mall on a day off.

Perfect way to spend a day in Virginia:
“Going zip lining through Shenandoah National Park again. It was an amazing experience. I like the outdoor activities that is in Virginia. The parks around here are insanely beautiful, and you can find lots of things to do.”
–Amalie Gerdt Laursen from Denmark
“A walk in one of the several trails in Charlottesville, a self-made cupcake at Sweethause, a free concert at the Pavilion and a chat with friends in the historic Downtown Mall.”
—Diane Baron, au pair from France
“Either a relaxing day at the monuments in DC. Having a picnic. Or driving to Shenandoah National Park and enjoying the nature.”
—Sofie Bengtsson, au pair from Sweden


The most beautiful thing au pair Luana De Oliveira Gavetti has seen in her home state of Virginia is the fall foliage.

“Breakfast in Old Town, taking the metro downtown, day at the museums, shopping and grabbing dinner with my friends somewhere new.”
—Daniela Soriano, au pair from Mexico
“Shopping in Tyson’s Corner, hiking in Great Falls and then a sightseeing trip to Washington D.C.”
—Marie Benedde, au pair from Germany
“Hiking in Great Falls Park for sure. Especially during the fall, all the beautiful fall colors are magical by the waterfall. So many beautiful places to enjoy the scenery and make sure to bring a picnic because you won’t want to leave!”
—Moa Sohlén, au pair from Sweden
“You can do whatever you want. You can go to the museum or drive to the city. You can go hiking in Great Falls or go shopping in one of the malls. Old Town Alexandria is a beautiful place. Grab some coffee and a cupcake there and just sit at the Waterfront. Or visit the Art Center in Torpedo Factory. At evening go for dinner in one of the billions of restaurants and have a fun night with your friends and some frozen yogurt.”
—Bettina Vernegger, au pair from Austria
Cultural Care au pairs are in love with Virginia! What do you love about VA, or the state you are currently living in? Click here to share your state love with us.