May 14, 2024

Host an au pair in Texas

3 minutes

From Houston’s glittering skyline to the winding rivers in Austin, Texas is a beautiful state to call home. No matter where you live, an au pair can provide your family with peace of mind, flexibility, and cross-cultural connections that last a lifetime.  

That said, with a Cultural Care office in Austin, our program has a strong presence in Texas to help your family find great childcare to fit your needs. Read on to discover insights about hosting an au pair from some of our Texas families:   

Learning about a new culture might be easier than you think 

“Giulia seamlessly weaves in Italian words and made-up songs with the children and often times I feel that they speak a completely different language that only they know, and I am interrupting the magic that happens when souls are reunited. It is as though Giulia was always part of our family and we just discovered her after a long time away.” 

—Pooja, host mom in San Antonio, Texas 

They’ll have fun being part of your life, too 

“[Our au pair Ulricke] also goes to sporting events and other activities and joins us often on family outings. The kids have such fun playing games with her and laughing together; they feel like she’s an older sister or auntie.” 

—Amie, host dad in Irving, Texas 

You’ll see things from new perspectives 

“[Weronika’s] biggest contribution is her consistency and tenacity. She will approach problems from a variety of perspectives, and always keep the end goal in mind. For example, if one of our kids does not want to share with the other, Weronika will make up a game that changes the focus. Or she will explain why it is a good idea to share with each other. She never gives up.” 

—Alison, host mom in Austin, Texas 

This Texas host family is taking a sunny stroll with their au pair 

And even when they’re gone, you’ll be in each other’s hearts 

“Any time [Heather] travels to visit somewhere new, she brings us a little gift that shows she is thinking of us even when she is away.” 

—Julith, host mom in League City, Texas 

Ultimately, you’ll welcome more love into your home than you could have imagined 

“If I could use one word to describe Pamela, it would be the word, Love. The love she provides to our kids and our family is unsurpassed. We knew when we interviewed Pamela we would be getting a sweet and kind person who would be able to do the job well. We had no idea how much of her heart she would pour into the role and how she would come to care for our kids, and us.” 

—Janet, host mom in Kingwood, Texas 


Ready to find a great au pair to join your home in Texas? Just register online and explore our available au pair profiles. Throughout this process, our Cultural Care matching specialist will be there to learn how to best serve your needs.