December 2, 2019

Meet Ana Rebeca, an au pair from Mexico

Learn why families love au pairs from Mexico.

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About au pairs

Au pair Ana grew up with three sisters and a dog and cat so is used to a busy household. And while babysitting for neighborhood children back in Mexico, she says, “My day with them was always busy, too. Always we are doing something fun.” Ana was also working full-time as an analyst and attending an English class.

Now that she cares for her three host children in America, her ability to keep up with a fully-packed schedule is serving her well.

Host mom Lisa says, “With three kids, there are a lot of moving parts to the day. Ana is able to keep everyone organized and where they need to be. She does this with a big smile on her face—always. As a full-time working mom, that is a huge relief.”

Ana not only has the childcare basics mastered (getting them up and dressed, fed, off to school, etc.) she also encourages her kids’ creativity by making up games with them and gets them involved in arts and crafts projects. Lisa admits, “She’s better at that kind of stuff than I am, so I appreciate that about her! She fits right into our family.”

au pair playing with children outside

Like other au pairs, Ana hoped to improve her English, travel and experience a different way of life with an American family. Another goal? To see snow—“I really would like to know the snow,” she wrote in her application. Living in New England has given her plenty of opportunity to not only see, but play in quite a bit of snow with her host kids go sledding with other au pairs in the neighborhood. “It has been a dream,” says Ana.