June 18, 2015
Pennsylvania: why our au pairs love living here

Pennsylvania is the lucky first state to be spotlighted in our U.S. state series. All of the 50 states in America offer unique sights, sounds, tastes and vibes, and au pairs living in each one can’t wait to share with you why they have grown to love their second home.


Images (clockwise from top left): Fun at the Rocky Statue (submitted by Mexican au pair Rossana Bermudez), Hershey Park ride (Vox Efx, Flickr / Creative Commons), Pennsylvania nature (Nicholas A. Tonelli, Flickr / Creative Commons), Hanging out in Love Park (submitted by Danish au pair Helene Larsen), Philadelphia skyline (Maciek Lulko, Flickr / Creative Commons), cherry blossoms at University of Pennsylvania (els1124, Flickr / Creative Commons), Longwood Gardens at night (Steve Fernie, Flickr/Creative Commons).



There were so many sites to see such as Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, the Reading Terminal Market, and climbing the famous “Rocky steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art just to name a few.
— Lauren Maxfield, au pair from Australia

I love Pennsylvania because is so close to the bigger cities. I lived only a little over an hour drive to Atlantic City, only 2 hours to New York City and no more than 3 hours to Washington DC. So you can spend a lovely weekend at the beach or have a fun day trip to The Big Apple, and not even have to travel far!
—Karina Trujillo Rivera, au pair from Mexico

It is easy to travel to another city for the day but if you travel a little further west you can also explore the Amish culture in Lancaster.
—Caroline Persson, au pair from Sweden

If you like shopping, then Pennsylvania is also the home of America’s biggest mall, King of Prussia Mall! It’s HUGE and amazing!
—Helene Larsen, au pair from Denmark

Another great thing about PA is there are the many au pairs around here, so you’ll never feel alone.
—Vivien Boumanns, au pair from Germany

Love Park is just one of the good spots to enjoy a free afternoon, and around Christmas this is the place where the German Christmas Market takes place.
—Kira Voss, au pair from Germany

In the suburbs of Philadelphia where I lived, the neighborhoods were filled with big old houses—I lived in a gorgeous 4-story house that was more than 100 years old!
—Kathrine Rasmussen, au pair from Denmark

The people are very friendly and if you ask for something—no matter what—they are going to be there for you.
—Luisa fernanda Llano puerta, au pair from Colombia

There is a really cool amusement park called Hershey Park and it’s really great to go there for fun, whether you are young or old.
—Nina Weissenböck, au pair from Austria

Pennsylvania is one of the beautiful states on the East Coast. It has a lot of big cities were you can enjoy a day off, but on the other hand it has a lot of parks and places were you can go if you want some rest and peace.
—Julia Behrends, au pair from Germany

They have the most amazing food, and of course the Philly Cheesesteaks and Pretzels are the most delicious thing ever.
—Helene Larsen, au pair from Denmark

There are many educational options for au pairs, and many concerts in our area. Carol Steinbrecher, LCC in PA

I really liked all of the old style buildings in Pennsylvania. It felt like something that was straight out of a movie.
—Lauren Maxfield, au pair from Australia

I love PA because it has all the seasons. In winter there is snow, in spring there are flowers. Where I’m from there is just hot and cold so experiencing seasons was great!
—Rossana Bermudez, au pair from Mexico

The people in PA are so family-oriented and always friendly; they are always willing to help and are very relaxed.
—Demet Altinok, au pair from Germany

Don’t forget, we also have the beautiful Pocono Mountains!
—Jamie Shmelzer, LCC in PA


The view from Philadelphia Museum of Art (Peter Miller, Flickr / Creative Commons)


Liberty Bell (Brian Moran, Flickr / Creative Commons)


Independence Hall (Jonathon, Flickr / Creative Commons)

Most beautiful places in PA:
The Love Sign in Philly, right before Football season, when the water was green; Longwood Gardens at Christmastime; Lancaster—the area is so beautiful, more rural than I’ve experienced elsewhere and a trip to Amish country is definitely a must-do when you’re in Pennsylvania; Spruce Street Harbor; all the trees and the big houses; when the cherry and magnolia trees started to blossom

Best places to get coffee or a meal in PA:
Seven Stones in Media, PA; Panera BreadHoneygrow (Philadelphia), Vegan Treats (Bethlehem), MilaH (Philadelphia), Hip City Veg (Philadelphia), Shangri-La (Bala Cynwyd), Couch Tomato Bistro (Manayunk) and—of course—Starbucks and Wawa (you find these two everywhere!!!); Hard Rock CafeCheesecake FactoryPescatore, Italian restaurant in Bala Cynwyd; Houlihans; the local farmers market for lunch

Best places to shop in PA:
Chestnut Street and Walnut Street are two good places to shop. There is also the King of Prussia Mall not too far away from Philadelphia. It’s huuuge, so bring enough time (and money).

Perfect way to spend a day in PA:
Take the train into Philadelphia. Run up the steps of the Art Museum like Rocky, eat in Chinatown, go shopping at Macy’s. Enjoy “Screening Under the Stars” at Penn’s Landing.
Carol Steinbrecher, LCC in PA

Get a big iced coffee, make a trip to the library (hands down, we had the best library in the area!) and then chill in the park. Bring blankets and have a small picnic. If you’re looking to spend money, there’s nothing better than a trip to King of Prussia Mall. I’d come here a lot with my friends and eat a nice meal at Cheesecake Factory or go to the movies.
—Kira Voss, au pair from Germany

Go to a park or local coffee shop with some other au pairs and just have a chill day. Or maybe do a road trip up state to do something fun.
—Helene Larsen, au pair from Denmark

Yep, our au pairs agree: Pennsylvania is a great place to spend a year! What do you love about PA? Or the state you are currently living in? Click here to share your state love with us.

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