Looking for information from other families about their experiences with Cultural Care Au Pair? Take a look at the reviews and testimonials below with feedback from real host families about what it is like to host an au pair, and the support they’ve received through Cultural Care Au Pair.

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Customer Testimonials

The Hughes family
June 29, 2022
Cultural Care Au Pair has been great to work with

Our matching specialist was really helpful and thoughtful about our family's needs and helped us navigate our first matching process, which resulted in us having the most amazing au pair we never even imagined existed! The agency is very professional, the website is easy to navigate, and the process has been really seamless. We highly recommend Cultural Care and are so glad we chose to work with them!

The Lyman family
June 23, 2022
Being part of the Cultural Care program has been a blessing

Our au pairs have broadened our kids' perspectives and have exposed them to so many things that they otherwise wouldn't have experienced. Our kids have all spoken French from birth as a result of language immersion, they are curious to learn about places outside of the U.S., they cook different cuisines, and as a result, are generally more interested in and accepting of different people and cultures. The quality of childcare we have received is outstanding, and our kids have grown to love all of these wonderful people who have cared for them over the years.

The Justus family
June 14, 2022
Our au pair experience has been phenomenal

We are learning so much about Brazil and our boys are learning Portuguese. Having an au pair helps us manage busy schedules with school-age children. We love the flexibility and the cultural experience and highly recommend Cultural Care!

The Cheng family
June 10, 2022
An amazing exchange of experiences

For the au pair, it's getting to be apart of an American Family, forming new friendships, and learning new traditions. For the host family, it's gaining an appreciation for a new culture and welcoming a wonderful new sibling to the family. I highly recommend it to both families and au pairs thinking of joining the program because both parities will leave with fond memories that will last forever.

The Sandberg family
June 1, 2022
Our au pair has been the biggest blessing to our family

She was the answer to our prayers. She gives us peace to be full-time working parents. She loves our children in a way that is indescribable. She has become a true friend and a real member of our family. Cultural Care was extremely helpful throughout the matching process and helped us prepare to be a host family. We have an amazing LCC who is super supportive of both us and our au pair and is a great resource to us.

The Davis family
May 28, 2022
As a military family, my au pair has been my right hand

As a military family, my au pair has been my right hand, my friend and a huge part of my support system. We have adored sharing in their lives, learning about their cultures and bringing these young women into our families. My children have broadened their view of the world as they learn about other cultures. I have created some wonderful friendships!!

The Russell family
May 19, 2022
Culture Care is life-changing!

I never thought I would find someone that fits in our family so perfectly. Our au pair is one of a kind and truly part of our family. I have told so many of our friends about Culture Care because we've had such a wonderful experience and I want other families to have the same experience.

The Dickson family
May 13, 2022
Could not be happier

Could not be happier. The process of locating, interviewing and matching with an au pair that is perfect for my family could not have been easier. The Staff was always helpful and timely with their suggestions and guidance. Having an Au Pair in the house is amazing and I would suggest it to everyone. The children love to play with her, learn a different culture and have a big sister! We get the chance to share our American culture with her and it is fun to watch her experience it.

The Luman family
May 3, 2022
Hosting an au pair has been one of the best decisions

Hosting an au pair has been one of the best decisions we have made for our family. She fits in so well with our family and our children love her so much. She makes our lives so much easier and better. The only negative about our experience is that she can't stay with us forever!

The Le family
April 28, 2022
We are most happy to have reliable and flexible care for your two preschool-aged children.

The au pair program gives us an opportunity to learn about another culture and share the differences or similarities between our culture and our au pair. Having preschool-aged children often requires more flexibility in someone to help with daily tasks and routines. Both parents work full time and having an au pair in our family means together we all run the routine for the children. My husband and I get to focus on spending quality time because we know our au pair is handling the child-related tasks that often take our attention. Great decision to join this program and trust the process to create a safe and reliable care experience.

The Randall family
April 19, 2022
Thanks to Cultural Care Au Pair for helping us find the right fit for our family!

The au pair profiles are detailed and allow you to filter your search to match what you're looking for. Matching with an au pair can be overwhelming, but they give you the tools you need to be successful as long as you're willing to put time, effort, and an investment into something and someone special for your family. It's worth it!

The Stratton family
April 15, 2022
We tell literally everyone about Cultural Care and how this program has changed our lives.

Not only had we found reliable childcare that we can trust, but we have gained family members through our au pairs. Aside from that, the cultural experience is incredible. We have learned some Portuguese and Spanish, learned to make dishes from scratch, learned about holiday traditions, and continue to learn new things on a daily basis. We will forever be grateful for the experiences that Cultural Care has provided for us.

The Daggett family
April 6, 2022
Having an au pair has opened our family’s hearts.

My kids feel like they've gotten an older sibling and our au pair has gained younger ones. The kindness, trust, and love they share is unbounded. Cultural Care Au Pair helped us match with someone who shares similar values, so despite being from other sides of the globe and growing up speaking different languages, we understand one another and connect on a fundamental level. This has made communication and collaboration easy and has made our transition to having an au pair a very rewarding one.

The Saval family
April 2, 2022
Cultural Care Au Pair has matched us with an amazing person.

She fits perfectly into our family and my children just adore her. I truly do not know how I would manage my day-to-day without her. I am so grateful for this company for linking us together and helping to bring her here to help us. I highly recommend finding an au pair, embracing a new culture, and welcoming an amazing person into your family for the best kind of childcare you could ever imagine.

The Oplinger family
April 1, 2022
We have hosted over a dozen au pairs and still can’t believe how much we love being a part of this program.

All families with young children understand the epic workload, the demands on your time and attention, and how willing you are to go the extra mile for your family. What's most beautiful about the au pair program, in addition to the major flexibility of scheduling and extra help, is the opportunity to connect with incredible people from around the world who end up loving your family and kids as much as you do. Celebrating everyday fun and big events with an adult who spends as much time with your kids as you do really makes those moments even more special. Our kids clearly feel loved and supported, and already understand how big the world is, and that people love them from a multitude of other places that they plan to visit in the future.

As a CEO and mom of five under 10, I genuinely don't know that our lives would function without the au pair program. And frankly, the incredible women who have lived in our household will be family forever. I love them as much as the kids do! For anyone looking for building international relationships for your whole family, for help when you need it most, for flexibility, and for fun, Cultural Care does an excellent job of curating lifelong relationships.

The Toth family
March 29, 2022
We have been so grateful for Cultural Care Au Pair and their amazing program!

Having another responsible adult to help us care for our children is the least stressful and most reliable form of childcare we have experienced. We feel we are leaving our children with a member of the family rather than a stranger.

The Anastasio family
March 25, 2022
As we finish our second year with our first au pair, we are reflecting with gratitude on what an amazing adventure it’s been.

We spent hours agonizing over characteristics and interview questions trying to find that "perfect" match. We realized after she arrived that our au pair had so many wonderful characteristics that we didn't even think to ask about, and she has been such a perfect addition to our family. Our children love her, and we have so enjoyed learning about another culture. The confidence that our children are being lovingly cared for has allowed us to be the best parents possible, and the flexibility of hosting an au pair has made us better parents, spouses, and employees. It's a very enriching experience and we highly recommend hosting an au pair!

The Thomas family
March 17, 2022
Cultural Care has brought our family security, peace of mind, and a new family member.

We couldn't be more pleased with our experience. The Au Pair program is a great way to bring a cultural exchange to your family while developing a lasting bond with your child's caregiver.