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What is an au pair?

Au pairs are young caregivers from around the world who live with American families to provide flexible childcare. They can stay in the U.S. for up to two years and are excited to find a second family abroad, improve their English, explore the U.S. and gain life experience.

What can an au pair do?

Provide childcare

Au pairs provide up to 45 hours of childcare per week on a schedule you decide (up to 10 hours per day, and not overnight)

Help with household duties

Au pairs can assist with household tasks related to the kids, including laundry, meal prep and tidying of children’s areas

Be an extra driver

Au pairs can drive children to school, lessons and activities and help with homework

Share their culture

Au pairs share their home country’s language and culture, and help their host kids develop a global perspective

Fun facts about au pairs:

  • Au pairs come from 25+ countries around the world
  • Au pairs are between the ages of 18-26
  • Au pairs have 200+ hours of childcare experience
  • Au pairs complete CPR and First Aid Training
  • Most au pairs are women (but we have amazing male au pairs as well!)

Who can au pairs care for?

Au pairs can assist with newborns and take care of babies over 3 months of age. They can feed, bathe, and put your little ones down for naps on a schedule you determine.
Au pairs can engage young children in creative play, spend time with them outside, read books, and get them involved in arts and crafts.
School-aged children
Au pairs can help school-aged children with homework, drive them to practices, games, lessons and appointments, and act as mentors and “big sisters” or “big brothers”.

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30+ years of experience

Cultural Care Au Pair has been helping American families secure flexible, affordable childcare since 1989. Learn why our host families love our program!

“Cultural Care Au Pair made it easy to find a wonderful fit for our family and Giuli has been incredible. With her, we have achieved some work-life balance in our lives by having more flexibility. I’ve told others, it was like letting a little air out of the balloon—there’s no longer so much pressure on my shoulders all the time.”

— Rachel, host mom in NY

“Marco is our superhero. In a year of amazing challenge, he regularly saves the day. He makes our three boys smile, and he is a powerful role model. Having an au pair has been an incredible gift to our family.”

— Debbi, host mom in CA

“Our au pair Laura joined our family over 2 years ago to care for our then 1-year-old twins. Laura has helped them to see joy in the world from music and dancing to coloring and art to playing in the park. With her guidance, they have great vocabulary, having learned English and Spanish.”

— David, host dad in FL

“Having a global family means that our children will grow up with a bigger view of the world! Our goal is for our kids to grow a global mindset, hearts of service, and to embrace all cultures.”

— Nicole, host mom in CA

“Karima has seamlessly become part of our family, quickly moving beyond the role of simply a childcare provider to a big sister, showering our boys with love and attention and showing real interest in their development. She has also been a champion of cultural exchange, successfully teaching us how to make authentic French crepes.”

— Chieze, host mom in MA

“We like that we know our children’s caregiver intimately and have more oversight in the care provided. What we didn’t anticipate was that having an au pair would also allow our children much needed sleep (drastically improving their moods) and a huge sense of security. Hosting Isa has been the greatest decision we have ever made!”

— Ellen, host mom in OH

“As two parents with full time, demanding careers, having an au pair has made all the difference for us. Having reliable, in home childcare with an au pair has allowed us to be the best at both work and at home with our baby. Additionally, it has been so fun getting to know our au pair, about her culture, and about her own family.”

— Ashmi, host mom in CA