March 21, 2024

Host an au pair from Austria!

3 minutes
About au pairs

If you’ve ever thought about hosting an au pair from Austria, then you’ve come to the right place! While someone can be the best au pair for your needs regardless of their nationality, it can still be helpful to learn about their country—in this case, Austria! 

Austrian au pairs are great because… 

They love to become part of the family. When it comes to planning, Austrian au pairs are often organized and punctual. Austrian culture is also focused around many sports such as hiking and skiing, so your au pair may love spending time outdoors!


The official language of Austria is German. Here are some words an Austrian au pair may teach your kids:  


The average age of Austrian au pairs is 19.8, with most joining the program right after high school. Fun fact: Many Austrian au pairs also receive an apprenticeship when they finish high school! 

English level 

Austrian au pairs tend to have a very high level of English proficiency. For many, English has been a main subject in school. They also tend to watch movies in English or read English books. 

To see how Austria compares to other countries, check out the EF English Proficiency Index.  Remember, however, that this index doesn’t represent everyone in any country. As part of our screening process, our au pair recruiting teams will assess candidate’s basic English skills. 

Childcare experience 

Common childcare experiences for Austrian au pairs include being sport coaches and babysitting for family and friends. Some have attended BAFEP, which is a training institute for early childhood educators.  What’s more, most Austrian Au Pairs have taken a Baby Fit Course. 

Driving experience 

To get their driver’s license, Austrian au pairs must undergo thorough training at a driving school. The legal driving age is 18, and once Austrian au pairs have their driver’s license, they must complete 3 safety trainings within the first year of obtaining their license. First Aid training is also a requirement before driving in Austria.   

Austrian au pairs can also drive in all four seasons, and many are used to driving on highways, country roads, and through cities to get where they need to go. 

An important holiday  

Celebrated over the course of three days (December 24th to December 26th), Christmas is a beloved holiday in Austria. Instead of Santa Klaus, the “Christkind” brings the presents in Austria to be opened on the evening of the 24th. While traditions vary across regions, Raclette (warm cheese) is a common Christmas Eve dinner. It’s also common to carol, light candles, and bake delicious Christmas cookies including Vanillekipferl. 


Austrian au pairs enjoy traditional dishes like Kaiserschmarrn (a fluffy dessert), Wiener Schnitzel (veal cutlets) and Käsespätzle (pasta with onion and cheese). In Austria, cooking a fresh meal at home is common whereas going out to eat is considered more of a special occasion. 

I wish my host family knew…  

“…that we want to become a family member. We love to build relationships with our host families, LCCs and new friends in the U.S.”  

“…that we are usually well-organized. We are punctual and like to make plans. Therefore, we would like to be informed in time about upcoming events and meetings.”  

“…that we’ve been independent since a young age.” 

Cultural Care tip 

Many Austrian au pairs like planning things in advance, so it’s helpful to create your schedule together as soon as they arrive in the USA! This will make planning on-duty time with your family go more smoothly.