July 27, 2012
A new playground for the children of Dom Dziecka

Cultural Care Kids First Foundation is very happy to officially announce that this months we opened a new playground and sports facilities at  Dom Dziecka orphanage in Labunie, Poland.

The children, teachers, social workers and local officials were present at the grand opening. The kids officially took it under their control only a few minutes after the official opening ceremony as they ran to the sandbox, structures and play animals. A representative from the local government was full of praise, and admitted he had first not believed it would happen when he was initially told that a foreign organization would come and invest so much money for a good cause.

Even more rewarding than the acknowledgement by the local authorities were the smiles on the children´s faces while exploring their new playground facilities, including a sandbox, climbing train, volleyball net, a basketball court, slides, see-saws and swings. Even temperatures close to 100 degrees Farenheit could not prevent the kids from playing, enjoying  and joining us for a delicious barbecue.

Thanks to all the au pairs, host families, local coordinators, teacher and staff that made this dream possible!

– Kay Weber, Cultural Care staff member and director of the Dom Dziecka Playground Project

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