July 8, 2016

Au pairs: find your way in the USA!

4 minutes
Au pair stories

In honor of this week’s most patriotic holiday in the USA, we are sharing some of the amazing places our au pairs have visited all across the country, and we challenge you to guess where each of these spots is! (Answers are at the bottom of the page.) Good luck guessing and finding time to visit as many American landmarks as possible during your time in the U.S.!


Photo: @aliiicezan

This cool shot comes from Cultural Care au pair Alice Zanon from France. She says, “I love this photo because thanks to this adventure I met a girl who became my best friend! We walked on this bridge to get a good picture and we stopped here to get this one with all these buildings behind us—love it!” Can you tell us where they are?


Photo: @cinnamon_pancakes

Hanna, Cultural Care au pair from Germany, visited this very interesting landmark last week. She says, “Friends don’t let friends do silly things—alone!” Where in the USA are these au pairs, au pairs?


Photo: @spreeprinzessin91

Julie, Cultural Care au pair from Germany, visited this windycity with a friend. She loved the spot but says, “As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.” Can you guess where they are hanging out?


Photo: @mafemirandam

María Fernanda Miranda Muñoz, Cultural Care au pair from Colombia, found this beautiful #streetart as she was out exploring right in her home city. She agrees: “Make your dreams come true, never give up!” Can you guess where she is?


Photo: @swaaaaantje

To take this photo, Julie Bienert, Cultural Care au pair from Germany says, “We hiked up a trail to get here. Don’t worry, it is legal—you’re just not allowed to go behind the fence!” Do you know what famous site they are sitting behind? @swaaaaantje


Photo: @chili1991

Our next pic features Magalí, Cultural Care au pair from Argentina and friends. Though they loved this famous landmark, Magali shares, “The most amazing thing about that place was not the place—it was the roadtrip that we made with my friends. We drove there from Colorado and we came back in the same day. Crazy but amazing!” Where are Magalia and crew—do you know?


Photo: @jennyrox

Jenny, au pair from Austria, took a roadtrip to this spot with two of her friends. Can you guess where they are?


Photo: @elo.ra_

French au pair Elora loves the kind of weekends that include friends and exploring new places. This spot was a favorite of hers, shared with au pairs from Sweden Austria. Any idea where in the U.S. this photo was taken?


Photo: @julie_dlpt

Julie, Cultural Care au pair from France suggests: “Take a picture of everything, everywhere. Because after that, it will be your only way to remember about your moments.” Where is this photo op happening, do you know?


Photo: @ximenagm20

Mexican au pair Ximena snapped this photo in her American hometown, right in front of a famous landmark. “I had a great time scavenger hunting, met two wonderful girls and finally had a picture taken with this big acorn after a year of living here!” Where is she, can you guess?


Photo: @desireeloc

Desirée, Cultural Care au pair from Italy, had a blast visiting this famous company’s headquarters with a friend. Have you been to or recognize this sculpture park?


Photo: @ameliewrnck

Amelie, Cultural Care au pair from Germany says, “This was the first time Sarah and I met after meeting at the Training School in NY. We both agreed the first thing which we wanted to see in this town were these famous ‘Ladies’. It’s a great spot for a photo and you have a great view of the city from the park nearby.” Do you know where in the USA Amelie and her friend are pictured?
The places pictured, in order, are: Brooklyn Bridge in New York, New York; Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington; “the bean” in Chicago, Illinois; Union Market in Washington DC; the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California; Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota; Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Arches National Park in Utah; South Beach in Miami, Florida; the Acorn in Moore Square in Raleigh, North Carolina; Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California; the “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco, California. 
Thanks to our au pairs for sharing some of their favorite places in the USA. If you have a place in America, tell us about it!