August 10, 2016

Au pairs love living in Georgia!

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Au pair stories

Many au pairs call Georgia home and they will tell you it’s a great place to live! It offers big-city living as well as green space, nature, trees and flowers galore. The people are as nice as can be in this Southeastern state and will go out of their way to say hello. The mild weather, delicious comfort food and easy access for exploring make Georgia a wonderful spot for a year! Keep reading to learn more about why au pairs love living in Georgia! 

Jessica Cavalcante da Silva

Jessica Cavalcante da Silva, au pair from Brazil, has fallen in love with Georgia!

I live in Atlanta, GA— a big city with a lot of things to do! We can go to parks like Centennial, Morgan Falls, or go to the mountains! Other nice places to visit include the largest aquarium in the U.S., World of Coca-Cola, CNN Center, and a lot more! The Philips arena always has great basketball games to watch and the CineBistro in Brookhaven, is the best place to watch a movie—it has very comfy armchairs, and you can order dinner! Atlanta has a large airport, so you can find flights with very good prices to travel.
—Patricia Santos from Brazil
What I love the most about Georgia is the four seasons! Winter didn’t freeze me at all—it was just beautiful. And what to say about spring time? It’s the most beautiful season, with no doubts! Georgia is so green, and the flowers are so bright and colorful. Then summer came and I just loved it. What made my heart beat was the fall—it was my first experience with the orange leaves coming down off of the trees. I’ve fallen in love with this southern state!”
—Jessica Cavalcante da Silva from Brazil

Sarah Siebenbrunner-3

Sarah Siebenbrunner, au pair from Austria: “After one year here, I finally can call it home and I know that I found a second family here in Georgia, which makes me incredibly happy!”

I love the weather, the busy “city life”, the southern people, the southern food, the good shopping, the fact that you’re close to both beautiful nature and amazing skylines. It’s just a perfect mix of everything.
—Josefin Strand from Sweden
I think I can call myself the luckiest au pair in Georgia. Georgia is a state with a big variety of places to visit, from the “Big City” of Atlanta to the small little southern towns. I’m a girl that appreciates the small things of life, so I love visiting Atlanta’s small little coffee shops, going to the Zoo or just going for a walk in Piedmont park. On weekends we love to take road trips to small little towns and my favorite is definitely Madison and Athens. I love walking in the streets and listening to country music and seeing how happy and friendly people are. Exploring with my three little boys is great—we love to go to the Zoo, the aquarium and DEFINITELY Six flags. Georgia is definitely a “must see”!
—Monje Jordaan from South Africa
Georgia is a really beautiful state. I’m a person who needs to be outside a lot, so I love the nature here. Georgia has some beautiful National Parks, waterfalls and hiking trails. The people here in the south are amazingly friendly and everyone wants to know how your day was. After one year here, I finally can call it home and I know that I found a second family here in Georgia, which makes me incredibly happy!
— Sarah Siebenbrunner from Austria


“I love Georgia because the people are so friendly!” Johanna, au pair from France

Most beautiful sites to see in Georgia:
The city of Savannah and Tybee Beach; the view from Stone Mountain; Cirque du Soleil; the beautiful variety of flowers and animals; Lake Lanier; The Georgia Aquarium; St. Simmons Lighthouse; the Atlanta skyline at night; forests and the amount of trees—they are everywhere!
The people in Georgia are really:
FRIENDLY! Georgian’s are known for their “Southern Charm”. People are kind, helpful, and eager to get to know others. It’s one of the friendliest, warmhearted and most welcoming states in the USA!

Steffie Gomez

Steffie Gomez, au pair from Colombia loves her home state of Georgia because: “There is always something to do in Georgia! We have all four seasons without it getting terribly cold and snowy in the winter.”

Great events in Georgia you won’t want to miss:
Oktoberfest in Helen; Haunted Houses during Halloween; Stony Mountain; Midtown Music Festival; Six Flags; Food Truck Festivals; St. Paddy’s Day in Savannnah; city-wide parades; free concerts at Piedmont Park; 4th of July Fireworks at Stone Mountain Park; Football Games; Foam Glow 5k Run; Old Soldier’s Day Parade
Great classes to consider in Georgia:
Many au pairs in Georgia have English or English as a Second Language classes at these colleges: English for Internationals School, Emory University, Piedmont College, Gwinnett Technical College, Kennesaw State University; American History Class at Interactive College of Technology in Chamblee

Paola Ascanio-3

Paola Ascanio lives in the city of Atlanta and says, “Atlanta is a beautiful place—it’s full of nature, and fun stuff to do, including museums and concerts, and nature trails to run, and historic places to visit.”

Perfect way to spend a day in Georgia:
“Drive out to the countryside with family and close friends and have a barbecue that lasts the whole day. Go for a ride on the boat and then tubing and swimming in between and just enjoying being on the water.”
—Johanna, from France
“Start the day with bagels at Einstein Bro’s Bagels, then go to a lake and drive the jet-ski, sunbathe and just hang out with friends. Do some afternoon shopping at Lennox Mall and have dinner at Cheesecake Factory. End the night at some of the fun bars in Buckhead.”
—Josefin Strand from Sweden
“Walk around Piedmont park and then see a baseball game at Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves!”
—Larissa Libicher from Germany
“A car full of snacks, some friends, Google Maps & on our way to some National Park!”
—Sarah Siebenbrunner from Austria
“Meeting up with friends and spending the day either going to the movies, or having a group outing to explore the town, spend the day at the water park, or to go sightseeing.”
—Jacinta Davis from Australia
“My fellow au pair friends, Six Flags, ice cream and Georgia’s perfect weather!”
—Monje Jordaan from South Africa
Cultural Care au pairs are in love with Georgia! What do you love about GA, or the state you are currently living in? Click here to share your state love with us.