June 29, 2016

Au pairs love living in Minnesota

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Au pair stories

Minnesota is one of America’s most beautiful states! A Midwestern state that borders Canada and Lake Superior, Minnesota is called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. While it gets very cold and snowy in the winter, you will truly experience all four seasons. The weather is beautiful in the summer, you’ll see the leaves change in the fall, and lots of blooming flowers in the spring. While there’s much to enjoy for those who love the outdoors, the Twin Cities—Minneapolis and Saint Paul—are big and bustling cities full of life, and the largest mall in the USA—called the Mall of America—is in Minnesota too! But perhaps one of the best things about Minnesota, is how nice the people are. They are known for their politeness, manners, and friendly personalities. Au pairs love living in Minnesota!


“Here in Minnesota, you are always going to feel safe. The people are really, really nice and polite and helpful. There is a lot to do here!” Nathaly Montana, au pair from Colombia

“I lived in MN for 18 months, and it was an amazing experience. I arrived in January and I was very surprised, because there’s no snow in Brazil—you imagine how astonished I was! It was my first time ice skating, my first time driving on snow, my first time making a snowman. Then the summer came, and it was another great experience. The landscapes are really beautiful, the lakes, bikers in the streets, coffee shops, restaurants, road trips. Everything! But most of all, my host family made it happen!”
–Ana Claudia Lima au pair from Brazil
“There are as many reasons to love Minnesota as there are lakes. What I really liked was the fact that it has four beautiful seasons. In summer I loved spending time at one of the big lakes going water-skiing and tubing. Going for a hike in one of the State Parks in Fall is gorgeous. Winter offered so many ice skating places and snow tubing hills. The people in Minnesota are really nice, and as soon as they notice that you’re not from the United States they get really interested and want to get to know you. When I finished my application and waited for a host family match I would’ve never thought that I would end up in Minnesota, I barely knew the state, but looking back I had a great time in the North Star State. It is not about where you are, it is about who you are with and I’m thankful for my host family, all the new friends that I made and all the wonderful experiences that I will always remember. Minnesota definitely stole my heart!”
–Ferdaus Nayebi from Germany


Mercedes Herrera, au pair from Mexico, enjoys a beautiful sunset on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

“I think that most people even do not know about Minnesota, but I’ve enjoyed the time in Minnesota and there are so many beautiful places that I’ve seen. Living in Minnesota gives you an inside look at how beautiful nature actually is. Even when it is -10 degrees outside in March. Or 100 degrees in July. Also, I cannot leave this out but I indeed love shopping, if you do too, then Minnesota is just right for you. I mean where else can you find the biggest mall in America? Right here in Minnesota. But why do I love it so much? I think the first thing that I have to mention here what made me actually fall in love with Minnesota is my host family.They made me fall in love with Minnesota as they showed me the beauty of this state. Also, I love St. Paul, because it is quiet and nosy at the same time. When I’ve been going downtown with my friends in early spring St. Paul looks so pretty. I loved to go to the lake with my boys just around the corner or the park, because I knew they would enjoy being outside and playing in the water or sliding down the slide.”
– Melina Kessel from Germany
“Before coming here, I never heard of Minnesota. It’s fascinating because I’ve learned so many customs about Minnesota lifestyle. I’ve learned about hockey, the most famous sport in my state. Now I have a poster in my room with all the team’s players. I also really love The Twins, the Minnesota baseball team. I like going there and to watch them, because it’s like a movie, with funny sounds and a big screen. I love driving with country music on down the American streets. My favorite place in absolutely is Mississippi river. For me, it brings me the peace of mind. I have lot of time left and I’m curious to see what I’ll find again!”
–Frederica Scarpiniti from Italy


Federica Scarpiniti loves Minnesota because “It has lots of things to do from plays in the different theaters to long hours of shopping in the Mall of America!” And also: great sports teams!

“Have you heard about ‘Minnesota nice’? No? Go to Minnesota and you will see! I met so many nice people and you can do so many things in Minnesota. I guess my craziest experience has been the winter! I never experienced such a cold winter but I LOVED ‘Minnesnowta’! I also have to say that I became a big ice hockey fan. GO WILD! There’s nothing better than to watch a Wild game at Buffalo Wild Wings and everybody is cheering! America is so big and I’m extremely glad that I had the chance to spend my year in Minnesota because I fell in love with that state. Minnesota is called ‘the state of 10,000 lakes’ but I say:  ‘Minnesota, the state of 10,000 beautiful memories’!”
–Caroline Pestel from Germany


Au pairs pose at the Walker Art Center’s Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the largest urban sculpture park in the world!

Most beautiful sites to see in Minnesota:
Mississippi River; All of the 10,000 lakes!; Duluth; the frozen Minnehaha falls; Lake Superior; Minneapolis; Apostle Islands; Mega Pumpkin & fall colours; Split Rock Lighthouse State Park; Grand Marais; University of Minnesota campus!
Best places in Minnesota for coffee or a meal:
Caribou Coffee; Uptown Dinner; Chatterbox Pub; Café Latte in St. Paul; Bob’s Java Hut in Minneapolis; Mall of America; Chipotle; Mall of America; YoYo Donuts; Pairings; Maynard’s Lake in Minnetonka; the Sea Salt at the Minnehaha Park; Dunn Brothers!


Minnesota is home to hundreds of Cultural Care au pairs so you will always have friends to do things with.

The people in Minnesota are:
Friendly and nice; awesome; kind; Minnesota Nice!; diverse; some are quiet; some are really loud—I love the mix and contrast of every single person I’ve met in Minnesota; lovely; smiling; adventurous; open; polite; wonderful!
Great events in Minnesota you won’t want to miss:
Color Festival; Grand Old Day; Roger Waters Concert; The Minnesota State Fair; NBA Game; My birthday party with my friends, with the theme ‘beach party’ in the snow; Outdoor movie at the park; Pride parade; Renaissance Festival; Holi Festival; Winter carnival; Film festival


Au pair Farley, from Colombia, plays in the Minnesota snow with her friends.

Great classes to consider in Minnesota:
“I took all my classes at the Hennepin Technical College: Improve Your Writing Skills, Teaching English as a Second Language, Midwest Culture Exchange, American English, and U.S. History. I really recommend these classes because I had a great teacher and I met really good friends at these classes. We had fun and I learned a lot!”–Caroline Pestel from Germany
Many au pairs chose to take classes at Hennepin Technical College as well because of so many offerings. But Colombian au pairs Ana Rincon and Lina Parades took a weekend class in Washington that taught all about the history of the city, and free ESL classes at the libraries and community centers! There are so many options in Minnesota!


According to Ana Rincon, au pair from Colombia, in Minnesota, “everything its gorgeous and different”.

Perfect way to spend a day in Minnesota:
– Angela Guzman from Colombia
“The perfect day off in my state would include hanging out and playing beach volleyball at Lake Calhoun during the day. Afterwards shop a new outfit for the evening at the Mall of America. Then going out to Café Latte for dinner and dessert in the evening.”
– Ferdaus Neyebi from Germany
“A visit to the Walker Art Center and then grab something to eat in one of the many places in the Lynn-Lake area. Or a picnic at the beach is a nice summer day!”
–Mercedes Herrera from Mexico
“I loved to go outside in the night for a walk or just for a coffee. I spent my off time with friends from Minnesota, they were super nice to me. The big spoon is a beautiful place to go! In Minnesota you can find the Mall of America, it is pretty big and good for shopping!”
–Jessica Ardila from Colombia
“I get coffee with my host mom and maybe donuts at our favorite coffee shop. I would meet my friends at the Mall of America. The Mall of America is so big that you can do so many things! Shopping, playing mini golf, having a meal, riding a roller coaster or see a movie at the theater. I spend so many times at the MOA and every time was different and I promise, you will not have a boring time at the MOA. Oh and by the way, you can meet famous people there!”
–Caroline Pestel from Germany
“Going to the lake to enjoy the sun and after that to Uptown Cafe in Minneapolis. Of course, a shopping trip to the Mall of America cannot be missed. In the evening, a barbecue with my host family to round it off.”
–Melina Kessel from Germany
“Skiing and then a good coffee at Calhoun Lake watching the sunset!”
–Farley Takemiche from Colombia
“A perfect day off includes brunch on a rooftop with friends, a walk around the lake and a volleyball game with a cup of Frappuccino. After this, get ready for a BBQ at a friend’s house which gives you the time to enjoy and meet people, and finally, there’s nothing better than a movie at the park.”
–Ana Rincon from Colombia
Cultural Care au pairs are in love with Minnesota! What do you love about MN, or the state you are currently living in? Click here to share your state love with us.