January 6, 2017

Au pairs love living in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is a lovely mountainous state in the New England region of the United States and is one of the most beautiful parts of the Northeast, especially in the fall. Thousands of people drive through New Hampshire to see the changing leaves on the trees, and to stop to eat in many of the historic and colonial towns. New Hampshire is home to the famous White Mountain region, with many lakes and streams to go with it. You’ll see lots of snow in the winters, but the summers are hot and beautiful, and you’ll find many people going to swim in the lakes and on the coast. While there are some bigger cities in New Hampshire, it is mostly a rural area where people go to relax and enjoy nature. Find out more about why au pairs love living inNew Hampshire!


Jessica, au pair from Mexico, loves playing in the snow with her host kids. Since being an au pair in New Hampshire, she’s seen a LOT of snow!

“I came here in March just when the snow melted when all the spring flowers just started growing, and I fell in love right away. I live right on the ocean, and I saw probably the most amazing sunrises in my entire life! I can’t get enough of it. I live about 5 minutes from Portsmouth, which is one of the cutest and most beautiful cities I’ve seen here so far. There’s Prescott Park with all it’s free concerts in the summer. There’s Hampton beach, perfect for surfing. Mount Major, with its great hiking trails. Gunstock for snowboarding in the winter, and so on. I’ve been so active here, so many things to do! I’ve met so many fun and nice people, you just have to be social and open minded and you’ll have an unforgettable time in New Hampshire. I just extended I could have moved to California or Texas to experience life there but the main reason why I extended was for all my great friends here and all the fun I have in this area! NewHampshire is great! I would not pick another state over it!”
–Laura Offermanns from Germany
“New Hampshire is like my second home. It is a part of the New England area and the scenery is gorgeous at any time of year–in the sun, rain and snow! The people are really friendly no matter where you go. There are plenty good places to eat, from typical American diners, to fancier restaurants—there’s good food all over the place. There are great parks to walk in and tons of lakes which are awesome to visit during the spring and summer. New Hampshire also has a large variety of awesome places to hike. If you’re looking for a nice casual stroll or more of an adventurous crazy hike or bike ride, there is a trail somewhere in the state for you! Whether it be up north in the White Mountains or further down south!”
–Shannon Manuel from Australia

Shannon Manuel-Australia-NH

Shannon, au pair from Australia, loves the nature New Hampshire has to offer.

“I love New Hampshire because people are very kind, the weather is warm, and the state motto is ‘Live free or die’. You can do lot of things here: you can play any kind of sport in your free time or just relax at Griffin Park, you can have fun at Story Land or Whale’s Tale Water Park, you can visit Santa’s Village and much more! In New Hampshire, there are also many natural beauties like Mount Washington, Lost River Reservation and Franconia Notch State Park.”
–Paolo Mazzelli from Italy
“I’ve lived all my life in a big city in my home country. As an au pair, I wanted to live a different experience in the whole aspects of my life. It was definitely the best decision ever. When I matched with my wonderful host family, I searched for information about their state and I found it was full of nature, history and new fun things to do, then I just didn’t want to wait to come here. I live in Nashua, New Hampshire and I love this place because I’ve found my place on earth living between beautiful sunsets, amazing natural places, the most delicious ice cream at Hayward’s, and the best fall season in all of the United States.”
–Margarita Camelo from Colombia

Lucia Mischi - CIMG6983

Italian au pair Lucia loves New Hampshire so much she extended for another year with her host family.

“I love the people and the country side in New Hampshire. Everyone is so welcoming here and it’s close enough to Boston if you want to go into the city! If you are a small town person and don’t like to get lost into the hectic city life, this is the place to be.”
–Cloudia Howe from South Africa
Coolest places, events and activities in New Hampshire you won’t want to miss:
Visiting Canobie Lake Park; Going to museums, and seeing ice castles in the winter; Concerts in Prescott Park; Watching the Fourth of July Fireworks; The Deerfield Fair
Great classes to consider in New Hampshire:
Au pairs living in New Hampshire love classes at University of New Hampshire and specialized au pair courses at Silver Bay.
Perfect way to spend a day in New Hampshire:
“Going to the beach or lake, having the best ice cream in the world, or hanging out with friends by the campfire. Having a barbecue with my host family and all the neighbors is fun, too!”
–Susann Patricia Vialon from Germany

Eliana Gomez-Colombia-NH-2

Eliana, au pair from Mexico shares, “I love my state because it is so nice and safe to explore and walk around. The people always make you feel welcome, and it has so many interesting things to do.”

“In the spring and summer, taking a nice long hike in the White Mountains getting awesome views of the state. Mount Washington is a popular hiking spot. Or, if you’re after the easier option, drive the Auto Road.”– Shannon Manuel from Australia
“Playing volleyball, eating seafood at the wharf in Portsmouth and having a coffee at the German coffee place downtown! They have great pastries, and I would go to one of the beautiful beaches and then maybe enjoy a delicious lobster roll.”
–Laura Offermanns from Germany
“Play a basketball at Griffin Park, eat a big burger at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, goon a roller coaster ride at Story Land and maybe see a movie at Smitty’s Cinema.”
–Paolo Mazzelli from Italy
“If you’re in New Hampshire, you definitely need to go visit the White Mountains. This place has amazing natural trails, attractions and many fun things to do.”
–Margarita Camelo from Colombia
Cultural Care au pairs are in love with New Hampshire! What do you love about NH, or the state you are currently living in? Click here to share your state love with us.