August 26, 2013

Back to school: tips for success (part 5)

2 minutes
Advice for host families

This is it—those last few days before school finally starts! Make the most of this week by following the last of our back to school tips.
August 26: Re-establish school-year schedule
If your kids have slipped out of any kind of bedtime and wake-up routine, now is the time to ease them back into a schedule that makes sense once school starts. If you have to get them to bed an hour earlier than usual once school’s in session, try doing it in 15-minute increments to avoid complete resistance. Ask your au pair for help!
August 27: Discuss after-school activities
Along with start of school comes the onslaught of afterschool activities—so make sure your kids and your au pair know what, when and where they are. You might consider driving with your au pair to the new soccer field/ballet studio/music teacher’s house so she feels more comfortable when she’s on her own.
August 28: Plan a back to school breakfast
Ask your au pair to help plan a hearty and healthy breakfast to enjoy together before the kids head off to the bus stop. Whether it’s a traditional American meal or cuisine from your au pair’s home country, consider breaking out the good china, beautiful napkins and a vase with flowers. Charge the kids with making a back to school breakfast menu to make it extra special.
August 29: Snap back to school photos
Whenever your children are headed back to school, don’t forget to take a photo of this momentus occasion! There are tons of adorable signs to print out and give to your child to indicate which grade s/he is in. (Check out our Pinterest board for ideas)
August 30: Help your child create a time capsule
The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to ask your kids to create a time capsule. Time capsules are a great way for children to document life as it is now so they can enjoy remembering it all in detail at a much later date. Print out our downloadable Time Capsule to help get you started!
Good luck and here’s to a happy and safe school season!