May 27, 2013

Kids First supports children affected by the tornado in Oklahoma

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One week ago, on May 20th 2013, a devastating tornado of the highest possible magnitude tore through Oklahoma at 210 miles per hour destroying over 12,000 homes and causing catastrophic damage. Among the hardest hit areas were two elementary schools where children and teachers were present.
Within hours of the tornado, Feed The Children, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations and headquartered in Oklahoma City, was delivering emergency resources  and actively working with other local nonprofits and churches to distribute food, water and relief supplies to those impacted by the devastation.
“We appreciate the tremendous outpouring of support for the affected families and now it is time to deliver that aid to those who are trying to piece together their lives,” said Kevin Hagan, President and CEO of Feed The Children. “Feed The Children will be here every step of the way to make sure the needs of our neighbors are met.”
Cultural Care Kids First Foundation has made a donation through our Emergency Assistance Fund to Feed the Children to help with the recovery efforts from the tornado. From Feed the Children:
Thank you for standing with us. The storm has passed. The work of comforting our neighbors and rebuilding our community has only begun.
People in Oklahoma pride themselves on the “Oklahoma Standard” – referring to an ability to overcome disaster and come out stronger on the other side. Kids First sends caring thoughts to the people of Oklahoma affected by the tornado and wishes them perseverance and strength.