May 10, 2013

Celebrating "mom" this Mother’s Day

2 minutes
Cultural exchange

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12, 2013. Cultural Care Au Pair celebrates all of the amazing mothers who care for their children and their au pairs alike. We appreciate that Cultural Care host moms are not only a loving mother to their family, but also a mentor, role model and mother figure to their au pair. This lifelong friendship created between host moms and au pairs goes above and beyond any cultural or language difference proving that a mother’s love is universal.
We asked some au pairs to share why they love their host moms, and we were overwhelmed by the responses of gratitude and love. Here are a few special messages from au pairs that show how much their host mom’s mean to them:
I love my host mom because she is an inspiration. She has a big heart, is beautiful, kind and fun and on top of that she is a really great mother! I hope she knows that! She is that kind of mother that I would like to be one day, in many ways. Also, she includes me in the family, makes me feel like home and cares about my interests. It feels good to know that she cares. I am so glad I got matched with this family and I can truly say that I have felt like home since day one. –Josefin, Swedish au pair in California
I love that I can always count on my host mom and am thankful! –Vera, au pair in Texas
She is the best , amazing , wonderful , and so more!! Love her so much and have been with the family for 2 years! Thanks for everything you do for me each day! -Capucine Elise, French au pair in New York
We hope you join us in celebrating mothers around the world on Sunday. Thank you host moms, for all that you do for your family and au pair. We appreciate you!