August 20, 2014
Tips on transitioning back to school

Besides checking off the notebooks and pencils off the school supply list, there is always a ton to do in preparation for school to start. Help your child transition into the new school year mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Start enforcing the same school year bedtimes and wake-up times at least a week before school to get their body clocks adjusted

Try to align meals at the about the same time your child will be eating during the school year

Ask your child what his or her thoughts, worries, and feelings are about the new school year, whether it’s anxiety over making new friends or starting a new grade

Set expectations about new school year rules and your family’s homework policy, TV quota,  bedtimes, or other responsibilities

Go through a trial run of how your child will get to school and back by showing them where the bus stop is, mapping out the best route to walk/bike to school, or  familiarizing them with who is designated to drop them off/pick them up

Practice laying out clothes and packing lunches and backpacks a day or two beforehand to make the morning of the first day of school less stressful

Create a new school year tradition to encourage a positive attitude for the new year!


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