January 23, 2019

Winter is easier with an au pair

Survive snow days and sick days with au pair childcare!

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All year long, au pairs provide American host families with the extra set of helping hands they need to make life at home a little easier. Whether it’s school pick-ups and drop-offs, laundry for the kids, meal prep or simply keeping an eye on them while you can’t, an au pair is a life-saver for life’s everyday challenges and chores.
Perhaps more than at any other time of year, an au pair is a game-changer during the winter months. Our host families love having a flexible, in-home caregiver for when sudden changes in the schedule occur—like snow days or sick days. They also love having a childcare provider that can participate in cultural exchange with the family.

“It is impossible to count how many times my husband and I have been thankful to have Natalia. Every time a scheduling problem comes up with the kids, or there is a snow day or a sick day, or one of us has to work later than planned-we are so happy that we have her help. I trust her 100% with my kids and know that she always looks out for them and would always do what is best for them.” —Rera family in New York

Let’s break down the top two ways an au pair helps make the winter easier:

Snow Days
For those host families living in colder climates, snow days can put a real wrench in things. School is closed, the driveway needs to be shoveled, the kids want to build a snowman … and you still need to go to work. It happens to countless host parents around the country all too often—and more times than not, they end up having to stay home from work or call in emergency childcare from family members or a local babysitter.

With an au pair, however, you don’t have to worry about sudden changes to schedules! Regardless of the weather outside, an au pair is a resource for your family when you need emergency childcare most.
“Without fail, in all weather, Danni will take the girls to the trail so they can squish around in the mud or make nature art. When the weather is snowy, she patiently gears up the girls in their snowsuits and lets them play in the snow. If it’s too cold, she trolls Pinterest for the best craft projects—we’ve come home to a house covered in handmade garlands, decorated biscuits, and most importantly, happy little girls. We’ve been so touched with the thoughtful gifts she’s helped the girls make us for our birthdays and for Christmas. I know we’ll treasure them forever.” —Delwo family in Colorado

Sick Days
Of course, kids can get sick all year round. But there’s something about the winter weather and the changing climate that leaves all of our immune systems more susceptible to bad bouts of the flu or yucky colds. And especially with children who go to school every day, it’s far too easy for them to swap germs with their friends and fellow students.

So it comes as no surprise that many host families experience more sick days during the winter months than during the rest of the calendar year. Far too often, host moms and dads will need to place a last-minute call to work, alerting their manager and colleagues to the fact that they’ll be out of the office that day—or “working from home,” which far too frequently translates to “running after my kids with tissues and begging them to nap.”

The good news? Sick days can be exponentially easier with an au pair. Au pair childcare allows you to have a flexible, in-home caregiver solution when you need it most. Your au pair can be the one to stay home with your child, helping them to beat the sick day blues.

There is simply no way to reduce to words how grateful we were (and are) that our family has been able to rely on Tami for stable, reliable, flexible, unflappable, do-it-all childcare. And moreover that she was (and is) a truly wonderful friend, confidant, and support as we worked together as a family to pull it all off. We honestly don’t believe we could have done any of it without Tami.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll surely say it again, that there are a great many practical benefits to having inherently flexible, adaptable, live-in childcare through the au pair program. At the end of the day, we just can’t think of anything better than leaving our kids with a loving, energetic, enthusiastic member of our own family!” —Cook family in Minnesota

There are immeasurable benefits to hosting an au pair—whether it’s during the winter months, or all year long! Make life at home less stressful and more enriching by hosting an au pair.