When Cultural Care au pairs travel to the U.S. to begin their year, they spend their first four days at the Cultural Care Au Pair Training School, located in New York. This time is an opportunity for au pairs to review child safety and development basics, start speaking English full-time and acclimate to life in the U.S.

At the Training School, all Cultural Care au pairs complete a comprehensive training and earn adult and pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid certification, taught by the American Heart Association. Au pairs are awarded a CPR and First Aid Certification upon successfully passing the practical exam at the end of the course. Cultural Care au pairs also attend a classroom course on driver’s safety intended to familiarize au pairs with American driving laws, signs and protocols.

“Au pairs leave the Training School with safety and practical knowledge for their year ahead as well as friends from all over the world.”

–Jamie Piecora, School Director

In addition to classes related to the care of children, au pairs attend workshops designed to help them succeed in their new role. Workshop topics include complexities of the au pair role; stress management; effective communication; and how to build strong relationships.

Our Training School teachers are all veteran educators, and small class sizes allow them to give au pairs one-on-one attention and tailor the curriculum and group work to the ages of the children who will be in their care during the year. Teachers also facilitate role-playing and in-depth discussions and divide au pairs into teams so they can put what they learn into practice, address various issues and brainstorm solutions.

At the end of the 3 day-curriculum au pairs board buses to NYC, where they spend an afternoon sightseeing and taking photos. During this trip, as well as during meals and other time spent outside the classroom, au pairs have the chance to meet other au pairs who become a source of inspiration and comfort. These friendships often last throughout their au pair years and beyond.