September 5, 2019

Make back to school easier with an au pair

Could an au pair be your after-school childcare solution?

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Childcare options

As the fall season approaches, many families rely on au pair childcare to balance school, sports practice, dance rehearsal, and all the additional commitments that come with a new school year. If you could use an extra driver to bring your children to activities or a caretaker that can make sure homework gets done, an au pair could be a great childcare solution for your family.

The Setty family

The Setty family in Massachusetts takes full advantage of the time that their au pair, Irma, spends with their children after school. Both host parents are doctors working full time, and Irma is able to manage both children’s schedules after school. This includes lessons in piano, flute, vocal, guitar, Indian classical dances, tennis, softball, karate, and math lessons. Irma manages to get them both everywhere they need to be, and encourages them to become better at each.

Host mom Bindu says that Irma “compliments them when they accomplish goals and boosts their confidence when they are having trouble with something or are stressed about a certain goal.” Irma’s support is invaluable to the family and both daughters while they strive for their best.

The Maggiolino family

Meanwhile in Illinois, the Maggiolino family’s au pair helps to get 4 kids (ages eight, seven, five and 18 months) up and ready for the day. Allessia, the family’s Italian au pair, makes the mornings a little less hectic.

Host dad Giacomo says of their mornings that Allessia “is very helpful throughout the day always giving a hand whenever it’s needed. She helps by cooking for the children and cleaning up after them. She helps with getting them dressed”.

The Noble family

In addition, many au pairs aim to be teachers when they return home, and bring that passion and empathy to their time as an au pair. Alice, an au pair with the Noble family in Washington, makes sure that her host children are able to have a full schedule outside of school.

Host dad Peter says, “Screen time is extremely limited in our lives … requiring a full-time high drive to keeping everyone engaged, and peacefully as possible no less! Our lives are filled with reading, playing games, being outside, biking, skiing, traveling, exploring/wandering, and playdates.”

The Noble family loves that their au pair Alice, is as invested in helping her host kids learn as much as their teachers do in school.

No matter what kind of help you need or education you’re looking for for your children, an au pair can make your back-to-school prep easier.