August 29, 2023

Host an au pair in Florida

3 minutes

Living in Florida has endless perks: vibrant cities, tropical air, and incredible career opportunities. So while you might not be gearing your kids up for winter, it’s common for parents in Florida to want extra childcare support!

To save money, find flexibility, and be part of a cross-cultural community, a live-in au pair can be a great option for your family. Luckily, many au pairs are drawn to this state for its beautiful beaches and rich culture. At Cultural Care Au Pair, we’ll help match you with an au pair and guide you through the process from beginning to end.

As you make this decision, it can be helpful to hear from fellow families in Florida who have real-life insights about what it’s like to host an au pair!

You’ll discover childcare to support your family’s unique needs

“We have a very unique situation being a military family with a career as a pilot and a travel designer. Things change all the time and there is no consistency with our schedules. We needed a flexible, understanding au pair that can also take initiative and have confidence in her skills. We were lucky enough to have found that with [our au pair] Joana! Not only did she learn quickly, but she surprised us with her creativity, piano skills, organizational skills, and outgoingness.”

—Molly, host mom in Sarasota, Florida

You’ll truly have a new family member

“I really enjoy that [our au pair Merel] likes to just hang out and watch TV with us like one of the family. She is always ready to help and truly is a member of the family…It is hard to imagine anyone else fitting in so perfectly with our family. We love her so much.”

—Amy, host mom in Cape Coral, Florida

You’ll learn about a new culture

“We share cultural experiences with each other, sometimes through cooking (such as [our au pair] Noemi’s famous schnitzel), and sometimes through just chatting through some of the more interesting cultural differences and quirks. We are big fans of the au pair program because of Noemi, and she is the perfect au pair- she deserves the Au Pair of the Year Award..”

—Adam, host dad in Orlando, Florida

Your kids will love having them around

“We have twin boys who were 6 months old at the time [our au pair] Natalia joined us, and they loved her immediately. She has helped them learn to crawl, to dance, and to feed themselves. She reads to them, sings to them, and gives them new foods to try. They are always excited when they see her in the morning. Looking after twin babies is incredibly challenging, particularly when both want to be held at the same time, but Natalia handles the boys with the patience and love of a true professional.”

—Katherine, host mom in Miami, Florida

You’ll have a lifelong friendship across the globe

“When [our au pair Morena] returns to Argentina, we will miss her dearly but know that we will always be lifelong companions. We joke and say one day when Morena has children that one of my children can be her au pair! Her family is very supportive of her for this opportunity to be here and experience the American culture.”

—Stephen, host dad in Indialantic, Florida

To start searching for the perfect candidates to join your home in Florida, register online and explore our available au pair profiles. As you begin this process, a Cultural Care Matching Specialist will reach out to learn about your personalized childcare needs.