July 12, 2019
Introducing Cultural Care’s New Logo
Learn the story behind our new and improved look.

It’s an exciting time for the Cultural Care community! Not only are we celebrating 30 years of cultural exchange, we’re also kickstarting the next chapter of our story with a fresh new look.

The best part of this look? Our new logo! We’re thrilled to be updating our official logo in order to better represent who we are as a company—and what we want to stand for.

We’re still the same Cultural Care Au Pair, of course—the largest and most trusted au pair organization in the world, with an eye towards building a community of global families with the power to change the world. That’s who we’ll always be. It’s our vision and greatest motivation.

However, we wanted our logo to truly tell our story. And even more importantly, the stories of our host families and au pairs.

We started by looking at our logo as it was and asking ourselves: “What do we want to change? What do we want to keep?” We felt it was important that our new design maintain the heart in our current logo—after all, it has become a cornerstone of our identity. It represents the love, care, and understanding that runs throughout our program.

So, inspired by the stories of cultural exchange from across the country and around the world, we chose to represent the host family and au pair experience as two hearts—coming together to create one, blended, global family.

The larger heart symbolizes our host families, opening their hearts and home up to an au pair and the brand new energy they bring into their lives. And the smaller heart symbolizes our au pairs, ready to embrace a new culture—and to be welcomed into a second family.

But the real magic of this new logo occurs when the two come together to form a third space—a cultural exchange experience with the power to change lives.

Curious to see our new logo and learn more about the Cultural Care experience? Check out our logo story video below!

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