July 16, 2019

Meet our team for the 2019 New York Marathon!

A team from the Cultural Care community is coming together for the Cultural Care Kids First Foundation

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30 members of the Cultural Care community will be running the New York Marathon to raise money for the Cultural Care Kids First Foundation! We’re so excited to announce the team and to share their stories of why they want to run 26.2 miles together to benefit kids all over the world.

We realize that not everyone is able to run a marathon, but if you want to get involved in this epic event, au pairs, host parents and LCCs are able to volunteer at drinks stations along the course. To participate, or to learn how to get involved with the Cultural Care Kids First Foundation in your community, contact your LCC.
Read on to meet our 2019 runners and hear why they’re running the New York Marathon for Kids First!

Brian, a host dad from Connecticut



“Running the NYC marathon would be fulfilling a dream for me. I’ve run three marathons, but I don’t think any of them were as special as running NYC would be. It’s an iconic race, and I’d be honored to represent Cultural Care Au Pair and their awesome Kids First Foundation along the way.”
Thomas, staff member from Germany



“Running the NYC Marathon was always one of my dreams since I’m a sport lover! I’m so proud to be part of this team and run for such an important cause as kids in need around the world. I was an au pair myself, I spent the 2 best years of my life during this adventure! Now I’m working for Cultural Care and I will run this Marathon! It’s just unbelievable! Challenges are part of my personality and they help me to grow as a person. This new challenge would prove to myself and everyone else that nothing is impossible in life! Believe in your dreams!”
Josh, host dad from Virginia, is running with his family’s au pair Desiree!



“My running journey has been anything but linear, and with each high and low the sport has taught me the importance, both in running and in life, of ‘running the mile you’re in’ and how empowering it can be to challenge yourself to go beyond what you perceive yourself to be capable of. There is true power in ditching the pointless act of worrying about the unknown or the countless things out of your control – and just going for it! I truly believe it could be a great bonding moment for Desiree and our family – my kids and wife are very supportive of my marathon dream chasing and would love the chance to support us both – and I think we would all have a lot of fun both training for the marathon and raising money for an awesome charity!”
Desiree, au pair from Italy, running with her host dad Josh



“In addition to life as an au pair, this would be perhaps the greatest opportunity ever presented before me. It’s a challenge with myself, and the thought of taking it with my host dad, excites me a lot. I am excited to run as a team because my host dad loves racing and sports like me. Above all because he is a great motivator!”
Steph, a staff member in Boston



“I’m really excited to run this marathon because I want to be an example for my daughters—I want to show them that if they work hard, they can achieve their goals. Also, I was able to see the NYC Marathon up close and personal when our video team documented last year’s group of runners and volunteers, and I really want to experience the thrill of this race as a runner.

I’ve been lucky enough to see firsthand what Kids First has been able to accomplish, both here in the U.S. and overseas. I believe the biggest difference we make is helping children feel like they matter, regardless of what their circumstances might be. So I’m excited to raise money and awareness for this amazing organization.”

Daniela, a host mom from New Jersey



“I want to run for my children – they will see my commitment, my training, my challenges, how I push through pain and exhaustion. It will provide a great teaching opportunity and enable great conversations to help shape their character. For accountability and for challenge. This would be my very first marathon so in order for me to finish I will have to be very disciplined and focused around my training and preparation. NYC is my favorite city in the world. I have been visiting the city at least once a year for the last 15 years and, since then I’ve had the NYC marathon on my bucket list. I can visualize myself running through all the different boroughs in the city, the wind hitting my face, the people on the sides cheering along and me experiencing a unique sense of happiness and completion. This marathon has become one of my bucket list items and it is time for me to start checking off those items from the list.”
Christine, staff from Boston



“I could not be more excited to be racing my first marathon while simultaneously supporting the very important non-profit, Kids First. I’m honored to be using my own network to create awareness for this non-profit while challenging myself both mentally & physically. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can all accomplish together.”
Lukas, an au pair from Austria



“I was a volunteer at the NYC Marathon and the atmosphere there was so amazing. I already have been to couple smaller marathons in my home country, but this marathon is so much different. The location, the people who cheer for you… it’s so amazing. It would be so amazing to tell my family at home, my host family, and my friends that I’m going to run the NYC marathon. Everybody would be so proud and I would be as well.”

Ann, staff member from Germany



“I am running the NYC marathon first and foremost for the kids!  I am doing this for all those around the world that are less fortunate than me; I’m doing this because I truly know that every dollar, euro, franc, peso counts and does indeed make a difference.  So I will be raising money for a foundation that I believe in with all my heart. I am also doing this for me.  I am running because I want to push myself harder and further than I ever have before.  Both physically and mentally.  I want to learn how to improve and grow in both aspects and I am so motivated to work through all the challenges that come my way. I cant wait to experience this adventure that is coming over the next 6 months and I cant wait to do it alongside my peers and friends at Cultural Care.  I can see that starting line in New York – and I certainly look forward to crossing that finish line!”

Jessica, an LCC in New Jersey, is running with one of her host moms Mackenzie



“Representing Cultural Care & Kids First would be a total honor. Partnering with one of my host moms would make it extra special. We spoke about it for the first time this past November when we first met and said it would be such a great opportunity to run together and represent Cultural Care & Kids First. We joked and said we would talk about it again in the new year. My au pair group is already sponsoring a child through Kids First, and I love the whole charity aspect of the marathon participation. What a great way to raise awareness of our cause in front of all those crowds.”
Mackenzie, a host mom from New Jersey is running with her LCC Jessica.



“I run because I enjoy it but I also want to show my kids that you can accomplish anything you dream of if you stay committed. To join thousands of runners from around the world, all with different reasons for running, and with different goals or dreams, but doing so together and cheering each other on throughout the race would be one of the most exhilarating experiences. And to be see the smile and excitement in my kids faces after mom finishes 26.2 miles would be the icing on the cake.
I strongly believe that kids are the future. We need to provide opportunities for kids who wouldn’t normally have any and help pave a brighter path for them to follow their dreams. The Kids First Foundation does this and I would be thrilled to join their team in helping to raise money and provide more kids with educational and cultural opportunities”

Calin, staff from Boston



“Growing up just outside of NYC, the marathon has always been a part of my life. From passing out oranges at 10 years old to running it for the first time. I’m so excited to run and to fundraise for such an amazing cause. November can’t come fast enough!”
Serena, an au pair from Mexico



“I have been volunteering the last two years at the marathon and I think I’m prepared to run and enjoy New York. It’s such a big dream to cross that line and enjoy the happiness of a marathon.”
Rose, staff from Boston



“I am so excited to be a part of the Kids First Marathon Team! I really love the work the foundation does and they inspire me to push harder and further each time I run. I can’t wait for NYC!”

Ana, staff member from Brazil



“I believe running the 2019 NYC Marathon is such a special way to be supporting and also helping this cause grow stronger and bigger. As a former au pair and a current Cultural Care staff member, being back to the US to be part of this event is a great opportunity to thank Kid’s First for everything they have done for our kids in Brazil and that means the world to me.”
Philip, an au pair from Germany



“I always wanted to run at a marathon and to run at the NYC Marathon would be an awesome chance and a really great challenge for myself. I want to outgrow myself with this run. I also want to be a good role model for my three little boys, that if you really want something and you work hard for it you can reach it. I want to show them that you have to believe in yourself and do it.”
Christine, a host mom from New York



“I would love to run for Kids First because I’m a seasoned runner, and I love that we are raising money for children in need!”
Helena, an LCC from Texas



“A lot of runners have NYC Marathon on their bucket list, so did I for years. It was something I really really wanted to do, I still do, but now it is more about enjoying the race than trying to do a personal best. I want to see all the Cultural Care volunteers, I want to run on the street of New York with a smile, although my thighs will be cramping. I want to get the medallion, and carry it with pride, knowing that every step I took, was also a step for all the children in need, that will be helped by my fundraising. Those children will make every step worth it all.”
Katie, a staff member in Boston



“I love running. It one of my biggest passions, so running the NYC marathon has always been a huge personal goal of mine. This opportunity to run the NYC marathon with Cultural Care is particularly exciting, not only because it helps me fulfill my goal, but it also gives me the opportunity to help support Kids First and to train with a wonderful team of other runners from the Cultural Care community.”

Nicole, a host mom from Massachusetts



“It’s been year since I really challenged myself. I am a U.S. Army Veteran and there was something I loved about challenging myself physically during the time I served. That part of myself feels like a distant past. I’d love to reignite that part of myself and show my kids how strong I can be and myself! I’d also love to raise funds for Kids First!”

Caitlyn, a staff member in Denver



“Having lived in Boston for the better part of a decade, I came to love Marathon Monday. Every year I would look forward to the event and be emotionally overwhelmed by all those tackling the challenge, not only of the race itself, but whatever else they were facing in life. The Boston Marathon became a symbol of Boston strong. I always came away impressed by those who ran not only for themselves but for others. I started thinking: “what would this experience and challenge be like from the lens of a runner?” I’m grateful I’ll be able to train with an amazing team and raise awareness and support for Kids First. I am very excited for this adventure and hope that my training in the altitude here in Denver will be beneficial for me in New York. Here in Colorado breathing can be hard enough!”

Bibo, an au pair from Taiwan



“I’ve been waiting to run this classic marathon since last year. Even though I volunteered last time, I still want to run and join with the Culture Care this time!”

Maria Fernanda, an au pair from Mexico



“I have been training to run a marathon this year. I have run half marathons before and I think is time for me to upgrade and run my first marathon! And if I do it to raise money for a good cause will make my experience even greater!”

Lauren, a host mom from Florida



“Training for and running in a marathon would be a beautiful way for me to lead by example and teach my newborn daughter to be strong and dedicated from the get go. And, as I am from NY and my entire family still lives in the area, I can’t imagine a more perfect excuse to unite my family and introduce them to my daughter.
While our au pair thinks I am crazy for wanting to run that far in the NYC winter weather, she assures me that she is looking forward to training runs with me (and our double kid running stroller) here in a Florida and will be there cheering from the sidelines the day of the race!”

Laura, staff member from France



“I am super excited to be part of the Cultural Care Kids First runners team! I ran my first Marathon 2 years ago in Paris, and it was one of the hardest but also one of the best days of my life! I am ready to take on this challenge again, but instead of doing it for myself, I am happy to do it in the support of Kids First. I love having a job that matters at so many levels: promoting cultural exchange and taking part in this wonderful adventure Kids First is doing in various countries around the world – all of this while physically challenging myself!”

Jose, an au pair from the Netherlands



“My first time experiencing the NYC marathon 2017. I was a volunteer and handed out the water to the runners. It was amazing! After that experience I decided to add running this amazing marathon to my bucket list.
I want to run the 2019 NYC marathon, because I want to relive the journey. I want to raise money for this incredible foundation again. I want to feel those amazing feelings again, by running each of the training runs mile by mile again. And feel blessed by all the dollars I will raise again for this foundation. I want to inspire people to run/volunteer and also to always try to help less fortunate people to become as fortunate as we are. Although I never stopped running after the marathon, I would love to give it this purpose again!”

David, staff from Boston



“I ran my first marathon in 2018 and am very excited to make NYC my second! The only thing better than running in the New York Marathon is doing it with an amazing team of colleagues from around the world for a great cause.”

Maria, a LCC in Massachusetts



“I would love to run in support of the Cultural Care Kids First organization. I love being an LCC and representing Cultural Care and would be honored to run with such an amazing team! I was born and raised in New York and lived there up until 4 years ago when my family and I moved overseas to London. I ran my first half marathon while living in the UK and loved it. I am excited to go back to my hometown and run the NYC marathon while supporting an organization that I love working for.”

Molly, a staff member from Boston



“I’m so excited to be running NYC marathon! Last year I had the opportunity to volunteer at the NYC marathon- the energy from the volunteers to the runners was so contagious that from that point I got it in my head that I wanted to run it. It means so much to be running for Kids First and be on a team with colleagues from all over the world.”

Christie, staff member from North Carolina



“I’m a former host mom and LCC who joined Cultural Care as staff in 2011. I’m running my first marathon because I love all the many ways cultural exchange has enriched my life and the life of my family. I’m running in support of Kids First, in celebration of a company, colleagues, and career that I love!”