Specialized training

As soon as you choose the au pair you’d like to welcome to your home, they will begin a series of workshops and training courses designed specifically for Cultural Care au pairs. These take place both before they leave home and after their arrival to the U.S. and are designed to make sure they are as prepared as possible for their year with your family.

Pre-Departure Workshops

Before she leaves for the U.S., your au pair will be invited to attend a series of readiness workshops in her home country. These workshops are intended to help her better understand how American families live and what will be expected of her in her future household. Workshop topics include: program regulations, household duties, childcare duties and more.

Pre-Departure Online Courses

At the same time, your au pair will also be required to complete a set of interactive and self-paced online modules called “MyAuPairCourses”. These courses focus on practical topics such as: food safety and childhood nutrition; safety inside and outside the home; child development and age-appropriate activities; and childrearing in the USA and behavior management strategies.

Cultural Care Training School Courses

When Cultural Care au pairs arrive to the U.S. to begin their year, they spend the first four days at our Au Pair Training School in New York. Here they attend classroom courses that review information related to child safety and development. Au pairs also engage in role-playing activities and in-depth discussions with our veteran teaching staff.

Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid Training

While at the Training School, Cultural Care au pairs earn adult and pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid certification from American Heart Association instructors. In addition to their two-year certification, au pairs are given free access to online skill refreshers and digital course materials.

Safe Driver Course

Cultural Care au pairs will attend a classroom course on driver’s safety. This class is designed to familiarize au pairs with American driving laws, signs and protocols.

Personal Safety Course

Au pairs also attend a personal safety course at the Training School, delivered by a NYC policeman. This class explains best practices for staying safe during the year.

Au pair screening & training

Read more about how we train and prepare our au pairs before they arrive to host families.