March 1, 2012

Au pairs learn fire safety (and baking?!) as part of Continuing Safety Education Program

2 minutes
About au pairs

As part of our Continuing Safety Education Program (CSEP) Cultural Care au pairs learn about important safety practices three times during their year in the U.S. The topics include:

This program, which was originally created in partnership with Safe Kids USA, teaches au pairs how to keep their host children safe by introducing an activity to get them thinking about the current topic, discussing their own experience with the topic at hand, quizzing them about best practices, revealing the answers and reviewing prevention techniques as well as action in the case of emergency. Au pairs are encouraged to bring safety take-home sheets home to share with their families.

Au pairs in Swarthmore, PA learn fire safety from the Swarthmore Fire Deparment (and try some of their equipment on for size.)

David Smuts, Local Childcare Coordinator (LCC) for Cultural Care Au Pair in Swarthmore, PA arranged for his group of au pairs to learn first-hand about fire safety by arranging a visit to their local fire station. “This is the second time we have visited the Firehouse, and Chief Bob Jones has been very accommodating. I ask the au pairs to bake something as a donation—the chief says its the best way to a fireman’s heart!” says David. “After introductions the girls were given an overview on fire safety by the chief followed by a brief video. There was a Q&A, and then the girls were given a tour of the firehouse by the president of the fire company and some of the firefighters.”
For au pairs, brushing up on safety measures can be educational and fun! To learn more about the Swarthmore safety outing, including more photos, visit David’s blog.