February 1, 2013

Are you ready for some football? Au pair Niklas meets German NFL player

2 minutes
Cultural exchange

Are you planning to watch the Superbowl? This American tradition can be shared with your au pair just as you introduced her to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Teach her about touchdowns, half time shows, Superbowl commercials, chicken wings and how many families plan a fun gathering with friends to watch the big game. In honor of the Superbowl, we wanted to share a football story from host mom Tessa Holcomb who sent us the following about how she helped her male au pair, Niklas, and her sons meet the NFL’s sole German player, Sebastian Vollmer.
“We are now on our seventh au pair and all is going very well. We switched to male au pairs a few years ago which has been a great fit for our family and my three boys. One of the things that drew me to our German au pair, Niklas’, application was that he was a huge fan of American football, played on a team and even coached flag football. I found out during the au pair interview that his favorite team is the New England Patriots because the only German in the NFL, Sebastian Vollmer, plays for them. Vollmer got his start in American football on the same team that Niklas played for in Dusseldorf.
Before Niklas arrived, I decided to contact the Patriots to tell them about Niklas and ask if there would be any possibility that he could meet Sebastian. I honestly didn’t expect much but they contacted me a few weeks later saying they would see what they could do. Not long after that, I got a call from them asking if we were available the next day to come to training camp so we could meet him!
So, we all went and were escorted into a special area and we all got to meet Sebastian who was a great guy. It was awesome to hear him and Niklas speak in German about Dusseldorf. My boys loved the experience and will always remember the day they met a German football player with their Cultural Care au pair.”