August 1, 2014

Performance Review download for your caregiver

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If you are a host parent to an au pair or employ a nanny, it’s a good idea to hold regular performance touch bases for your caregiver. Formally recognizing successes and challenges on a regular basis is important to keep your caregiver motivated, appreciated and in the know about ways she can improve. It’s up to you to determine the frequency of your “touch base” meetings, but Cultural Care Au Pair recommends families schedule weekly sit downs with their au pairs, at least in the beginning.
Our Caregiver Performance Review includes an opportunity to rate your caregiver’s:
Work habits:

Childcare fulfillment:

Household duties:

Scheduling regular touch bases allows you the opportunity to communicate what you feel are your caregiver’s areas of excellence as well as ways they can improve. Also, you can use this time as an opportunity to ask your caregiver to share feedback on your family and household. The feedback you give (and take) by thoughtfully completing our Caregiver Performance Review will help you ensure your children are getting the best care possible and that your caregiver gets the recognition and feedback they deserve.