May 10, 2017

Easiest Mother’s Day card for au pairs + host kids

2 minutes
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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! We’ve got one of the easiest (and most adorable) craft for au pairs and host kids to make together to show appreciation for the mom (and host mom) in their family.

To make this craft with your kids, use our Mother’s Day fingerprint card template.


Print out the Mother’s Day card template. Press fingers in your ink pad (or dip them into paint) and press onto the pages to finish the artwork. On the first page, use fingerprints to make petals on the flowers, and on the second page to make balloons above the letters “MOM”. Give to your mom (and host mom) to enjoy. We recommend au pairs to create these for their host moms as well!

Moms love cards personalized with their kids’ handprints and fingerprints!

Au pairs: feel free to make your own “Host” Mother’s Day card as well!

Happy fingerprinting and Happy Host Mom’s Day to all of our amazing host moms out there!